foreign affairs

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foreign affairsˌforeign afˈfairs noun [plural] Ppolitics, business matters etc that affect or concern the relationship between your country and other countries
Examples from the Corpus
foreign affairsUnlike Bush, Gore has said little on the campaign trail about foreign affairs.The Hanoverian kings were not uninterested in political life but they had difficulty comprehending the complexities of domestic and foreign affairs.During the session there had been some debate over the selection of the ministers of finance and foreign affairs.Supervisor of the military and foreign affairs.It was also a place where she and women students would meet over lunch to discuss foreign affairs.I have always been keenly interested in foreign affairs.But it seems a peculiar policy, foreign affairs by tingle, sending young men off to die in a frisson impossible.The landowners were able to express their views on problems of internal security, foreign affairs, and taxation increases.