From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforeignfor‧eign /ˈfɒrɪn $ ˈfɔː-, ˈfɑː-/ ●●● S3 W1 adjective 1 FOREIGNfrom or relating to a country that is not your own foreign students Can you speak any foreign languages? the success of foreign companies in various industries I thought she sounded foreign. transactions in foreign currencies2 [only before noun]FOREIGN involving or dealing with other countries OPP domestic America’s foreign policyforeign investment/trade etc Foreign competition provides consumers with a greater variety of goods. our budget for foreign aid (=financial help to countries in need) the Chinese Foreign Minister3 be foreign to somebody4 foreign body/matter/objectforeignness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
foreignThe budget calls for cuts in foreign aid.Toyota is the leading foreign car company.The tour went through seven foreign countries in two weeks.The reserves are composed of convertible foreign currencies, gold and International Monetary Fund special drawing rights.International investment involves the added dimension of dealing in foreign currencies, providing the opportunity for additional profits.Some of the hotels accept foreign currency.efforts to increase foreign investment"Journey of Hope" won the Oscar in 1991 for best foreign-language film.The soldier threatens me in a foreign language, so that his precise meaning is lost but his hostility is coruscating.There was no address, and the writing was in a foreign language.Can you speak a foreign language?America's foreign policyThe value of foreign trade fell by 8 percent.foreign aidIt has not much increased funds for the military or for foreign aid.The development of the continent is now dependent on foreign aid.The elements which are essential in most conservation policies are often contradicted by the limitations and objectives of foreign aid.The governments of developing countries construct huge projects through foreign aid and investment.They could simply ship the necessary drugs to sick people in the poor world as part of their overall foreign aid effort.Few foreign aid workers have dared to venture into Helmund province.Five foreign aid workers were murdered and others came under fire.The United Nations said it was considering evacuating foreign aid workers.
Origin foreign (1200-1300) Old French forein, from Latin foris outside