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footstepfoot‧step /ˈfʊtstep/ ●●○ noun [countable] CSOUNDthe sound each step makes when someone is walking He heard someone’s footsteps in the hall. follow (in) somebody’s footsteps at follow(15)
Examples from the Corpus
footstepA footstep broke the silence and approached to within ten paces of Blackburn and waited.Suddenly Rachel heard footsteps behind her in the dark street.They heard his heavy footsteps descending the stairs.He heard her footsteps, heard her key in the lock.Yes, there were gateways here in this Castle, where midnight footsteps trod purposefully down the halls ... Footsteps.I entered, and the sound of my footsteps and voice echoed strangely through the empty halls.I could always recognise my mother's footsteps as she scurried up the stairs.He heard someone's footsteps in the hall.Another door slammed, footsteps sounded on the cement patio.All turned to look back at the door as the footsteps approached on the flagstones.The footsteps were getting nearer and from the sound of it there were at least a dozen men.heard ... footstepsZena pulled on another stocking and heard his footsteps echoing away up the corridor.He heard footsteps passing his door as some one made their way home.He heard footsteps walking around in the room above and then descending the stairs.After I had rung several more times and knocked at the door, I heard hesitant footsteps.I heard footsteps and then Sonya opened the door without unhooking the chain, just enough to check me out.An then, miraculously, she heard footsteps and, looking round, saw a woman approaching.She heard his uncertain footsteps on the stairs and he was humming a hornpipe under his breath.