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footlightsfoot‧lights /ˈfʊtlaɪts/ noun [plural] APTa row of lights along the front of the stage in a theatrespotlight
Examples from the Corpus
footlightsNow all eyes were directed to the wide stage, bathed in spots and footlights.It had not come from the heart of the congregation, but from behind the footlights.She could only see the first few rows beyond the footlights, but knowing they were there was enough.The answer was that I could play as long as I stayed the audience side of the footlights!From the other side of the footlights, Mulcahey could hear the murmuring beneath the noise of the music and the dancing.The choreographer's problem is how to make subtle or vigorous gesture visible to those on the other side of the footlights.The foreground, to the footlights, was covered with emerald green cloth.At the other end was a stage with footlights.