flying fish

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flying fishˌflying ˈfish noun [countable] HBFa type of sea fish that can jump out of the water and move along in the air for a short way
Examples from the Corpus
flying fishAlthough flying fish leap out of the water they do not porpoise but glide, using their pectoral fins as aerodynamic surfaces.The Origin uses freshwater bears and flying fish to make a case that applies to all forms of life.Occasionally they ventured out to see if there were any flying fish about.These fish had been the hungriest and most aggressive, and had been our main catch using artificial flying fish as bait.First one, then another dorado lunged at the fake flying fish but failed to take the hook.The water temperature had risen slightly, and for a few days we even saw an occasional flying fish.We rose early and sailed back among the flying fish to Kalkan.There were flying fish all around us, heading into shore.