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flutedflut‧ed /ˈfluːtɪd/ adjective AVDsomething that is fluted has hollow or rounded lines down it fluted stone columns
Examples from the Corpus
fluteda fluted cake panSpringing from behind fat fluted columns, they seized two skaters and snapped their necks.Using round fluted cutter, cut out shapes. 6 Cook for 10 to 12 mins in boiling salted water.You will need to decrease across the cable stitches before shaping the shoulder to prevent a fluted edge.Roll out pastry and line an 8in fluted flan ring.The smaller key shown in Pic 6 has an unusual handle which consists of a single bow with double fluted sides.Outside, the wind whistled thinly along the fluted tiles and stirred the open window sash.The tall fluted walls were blue.