Word family noun flower flowering adjective flowered flowery flowering verb flower deflower
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
Related topics: Design, Literature
floweryflow‧er‧y /ˈflaʊəri/ adjective 1 AVDdecorated with a pattern of flowers SYN floral, flowered a flowery cotton dress2 a flowery place has a lot of flowers growing in it a flowery meadow3 a flowery smell or taste is strong and sweet, like flowers her flowery perfume4 ALSIMPLE/PLAINflowery speech or writing uses complicated and rare words instead of simple clear language flowery language
Examples from the Corpus
floweryHe was sunk back in a ruffled flowery chair.It looks equally good on a flowery china tea cup or embroidered on a pretty, decorative pillow.a flowery descriptionOut will go the flowery descriptions of aspects, views and outlook which have always been so derided by disappointed property viewers.All of Philadelphia will be feeling flowery during the week of March 2-9.flowery fabricsOn the forecourt stood a horse-drawn van on which was painted the name of a firm of landscape gardeners in flowery script.Don't use long words or flowery sentences.