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floralflo‧ral /ˈflɔːrəl/ adjective CFDECORATEmade of flowers or decorated with flowers or pictures of flowers a scarf with a bold floral pattern a pretty floral dress a light floral fragrance There were floral tributes (=flowers sent as a sign of respect after someone has died) from his colleagues.
Examples from the Corpus
floralSmall floral arrangements and decorative artwork add graceful and poetic elegance.She sat in the floral chintz chair next to his and drank her juice.floral designs on the curtainsShe seated herself at the desk, relocated a floral display and smiled as the first patient walked into the room.a floral displayTwo bronze candle holders in the center flanked a floral piece.We stayed in the Flower Wing, our room luxuriously furnished with soft floral prints.Video-Taped report follows Read in studio Welcome back ... coming up late a floral spectacular.By separating the young plants from the floral stalk speedy reproductions is encouraged.His back looked comically enormous framed by the floral white lace of the curtains.floral tributesAnd perhaps, as the spring draws on, there will be more floral tributes.Among the floral tributes was one from Everton football club.Among the scores of floral tributes were those from her schoolfriends.
Origin floral (1600-1700) Latin flos; FLORA