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floorfloor1 /flɔː $ flɔːr/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1 in a buildingDHHTTB the flat surface that you stand on inside a building a polished wooden floor a puddle of water on the kitchen floor a warehouse that has 410,000 square feet of floor space2 in a car British EnglishTTC the part of a car that forms its inside floor SYN floorboard American English3 level in buildingTBB one of the levels in a building a ground floor flaton the top/first/tenth etc floor Our office is on the top floor.floor of We are located on the seventh floor of the building.4 ocean/forest/cave floor etcBOTTOM the ground at the bottom of the ocean, the forest etc creatures that live on the ocean floor5 for dancingAPDTBB an area in a room where people can dance There were two or three couples already on the dance floor.take (to) the floor (=begin dancing) Everyone took to the floor for the last waltz. 6 where people workTBBAREA a large area in a building where a lot of people do their jobs He wasn’t keen on the idea of working on the shop floor (=the part of a factory where people make things using machines). the busy trading floor (=area where stocks and shares are bought and sold)7 limitPELIMIT an officially agreed limit below which something cannot goceiling Manufacturers have tried to put a floor under the price of their products.8 the floor9 take the floor10 have the floor11 go through the floorCOLLOCATIONSverbsclean the floorNext he had to clean the floor.wash/mop the floorThe floor needs mopping.sweep the floorHe grabbed a broom and began sweeping the floor.wax/polish the floorI washed and waxed the kitchen floor.sit/lie/sleep on the floorOfficers found her lying face down on the floor.fall/drop/sink to the floorHe let his cigarette fall to the floor.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + floorthe bathroom/kitchen/bedroom etc floorI’ve still got to clean the bathroom floor.a wooden floorThe hut had a muddy wooden floor.a marble floorHe strode across the marble floor.a tiled floorThere were a couple of oriental rugs on the tiled floor.a carpeted floorBarbara was sitting on the carpeted floor.a bare floor (=not covered by anything)Father Murphy led me to a tiny room with a bare floor and a simple bed.floor + NOUNfloor tiles (=flat square pieces of clay or other material, used to cover floors)When you buy floor tiles, always get a few extra.floor polishThe room smelt of floor polish.a floor covering (=a material, such as carpet, that covers a floor)A carpet fitter can fit floor coverings quickly and inexpensively.floor space (=a measure of how big a room or building is, based on the size of the floor)The shop has 33,000 square feet of floor space. THESAURUSfloor one of the levels in a buildingShe lives in an apartment on the eighteenth floor.storey British English, story American English used when saying how many levels a building hasa five-storey car parkThe school is a single storey building.the ground floor (also the first floor American English) the floor of a building that is at ground levelThere is a shop on the ground floor.The emergency room is on the first floor.the first floor British English, the second floor American English the floor of a building above the one at ground levelShe lives on the first floor.deck one of the levels on a ship, bus, or planeThe Horizon Lounge is on the top deck of the ship.
Examples from the Corpus
floorThey only dragged her more roughly, so that her knees scraped along the rough cement floor.Ray and Lisa were the first ones on the dance floor.Cody spilled his milk on the kitchen floor.Each speaker requires slightly more than a square foot of floor space and weighs 55 pounds.The blaze destroyed most of the second floor of the three-story structure, which never reopened.I hadn't even looked at the floor in case I got nostalgic for my own personal locks now lost to me for ever.Let's just shove everything back into the cupboards, clean the floor and go.Sun beat through the windows of the flat and made patterns on the floor.She turned her face to the floor and remained praying in that position for three days and nights.The prettiest bedroom has oak beams and original wide floor boards.floor spaceAs large a group as can fit has gathered in the available floor space to dance.Newsagents across the country had cleared extra floor space for the 60,000 additional copies of the paper.How did mall stores battle back, saddled with higher rents, less floor space and lower volume than their competitors?An internal ramp of the maximum permitted gradient would take up too much floor space in the small shop.Before the war there had been 85 million square feet of floor space; in 1947 it was 59 million.Each speaker requires slightly more than a square foot of floor space and weighs 55 pounds.There was only I m of floor space in front of the ascent engine cover.By joining with Strawberries, Bloomberg said he gets four times the floor space for roughly the same occupancy costs.on the top/first/tenth etc floorShe caught a glimpse of his paleness at the window of the bathroom on the first floor.He came up with them to Four on the first floor, Tom's room.The maids' bathroom and water closet is on the top floor by the linen room.We lived on the first floor of a two-family house across the street from Public School Number 8.The Bando Hotel was the tallest building in Seoul, and its Skylounge on the tenth floor was the place to go.Take the apartment, up on the top floor of a smelly tenement on Prospect Avenue.The party residence was on the top floor of a private house on Tinton.take (to) the floorWhen adults take to the floor it tends to be a different story.All delegates have a voice at the Conference and can take the floor on any issue raised.Standards re-asserted themselves when press officer Daphne Davies took to the floor, wheeling about the boards in a beautiful solo waltz.An additional reduction to the intervention rate has taken the floor rate to 4. 45 percent.Norman, who had sacked the rest of the team, took the floor.Or be able to take to the floor for the last waltz?shop floorThe manager's office is above the shop floor.Working Conditions Most industrial production managers divide their time between the shop floor and their office.Of course, we also provide practical project management training from the shop floor up.While engineering curricula included science and mathematics, they were still rooted in the shop floor.Data Communications: Collection and manipulation of data on the shop floor with a view to allowing more efficient management of the industry's resources.The machinist on the shop floor could detect but not correct the error.The effects of large-scale unemployment and changes in the laws affecting trade unions have sapped militancy on the shop floor.I believe any young graduate would get an awful lot of value from working with people on the shop floor.In metalworking, your margins end up on the shop floor with even the slightest employee inattention.put a floor underThis put a floor under the price that the brokers would obtain on liquidating their long positions.The French government tried to put a floor under the value of the franc.
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floorfloor2 verb [transitive] 1 SURPRISEDto surprise or shock someone so much that they do not know what to say or do A couple of the questions completely floored me.2 DSOHITto hit someone so hard that they fall down He was floored in the first round of the fight.3 American English informalTTCFAST/QUICK to make a car go as fast as possible I got into the car and floored it.
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Examples from the Corpus
floorHe was an administrator, not an astronomer, and that question had always floored him.Just put it in a really low gear and floor it.We were floored that so many people came.She floored the Audi and took off.The champion floored Watson with a single punch.floored itThe other cars crowded in and Williams floored it.
From King Business DictionaryLBED_13_afloorfloor /flɔːflɔːr/ noun [countable]1FINANCE the lowest EXCHANGE RATE a currency is permitted to fall toTraders were buying Argentine pesos at prices well belowthe currency’s floor against the dollar. compare ceiling2ECONOMICS a level below which prices, wages etc are not allowed to fallThe agreement might also act as a floor to wages during the recession.Quarterlyprice floors were established for Japanese commodities. compare CAP3dealing/trading/exchange floorFINANCE the part of a financial market where shares, COMMODITIES (=oils, metals, farm products) etc are bought and sold. In American English, only trading floor and exchange floor are used, not dealing floorHe eventually took responsibility for running the dealing floor.Any business done by a member ‘under the rules’ is treated as exchange business, even where this takes place away from the exchange floor.4the floor American EnglishFINANCE a dealing, trading, or exchange floor5the floor the place where a public meeting or discussion happens, or the people who attend itAt the meeting, the administration were recommended by the floor to reconsider the deal they had earlier rejected.6get in on the ground floor British English, get in on the first floor American English if you get in on the ground floor, you get involved in a business activity when it beginsThe scope for an entrepreneur to get in on the ground floor and turn petrol stations into shops was obvious to those with an eye for business.7shop/factory floorMANUFACTURING used to refer to the workers who make the goods in a factorythe union’s influence on the factory floorHe’d moved up from shop floor worker to production manager.8the shop floorMANUFACTURING the area in a factory where the ordinary workers do their workThe chairwoman started her working life on the shop floor.Origin floor1 Old English flor