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flamencofla‧men‧co /fləˈmeŋkəʊ $ -koʊ/ noun (plural flamencos) [countable, uncountable] APDa fast exciting Spanish dance, or the music that is played for this dance
Examples from the Corpus
flamencoShe was here tonight, in a scarlet dress with black lace, a witty travesty of a flamenco dress.I put on a flamenco record and roll a joint.He won his first formal competition, in Classical / flamenco guitar, when he was 10.Tucson faves Willie and Lobo bring their high-spirited nuevo flamenco acoustic gypsy music to town tonight, along with special guest Sunyata.Accompanied by the thrilling music of flamenco guitars.I swing where I used to flamenco.
Origin flamenco (1800-1900) Spanish person from Flanders; in former times the people of Flanders wore bright clothes and were often thought to look like gypsy dancers