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fishermanfish‧er‧man /ˈfɪʃəmən $ -ʃər-/ ●●○ noun (plural fishermen /-mən/) [countable] DLOTAsomeone who catches fish as a sport or as a job angler
Examples from the Corpus
fishermanNo sense trying to sell fish to a fisherman, eh?Often they are fishing illegally inside an area reserved for artisan fishermen, but the boats cover their identity numbers with mud.Leven Canal is well known for miles around by fishermen.On the river is a long dark wooden boat, a cormorant fisherman.Fifty fishermen are killed instantaneously by the blast.It is also in these channels that the lave fishermen will stand.There was Edna and Edna's fisherman brother, Bert.The fisherman made the request of the flounder, and this wish came true too.