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fiscalfis‧cal /ˈfɪskəl/ adjective formal PEMONEYrelating to money, taxes, debts etc that are owned and managed by the government a fiscal crisis Sound (=good) fiscal policies are required to combat inflation. a fiscal mattersee thesaurus at financialfiscally adverb fiscally conservative
Examples from the Corpus
fiscalIt also said fiscal 1996 revenue should meet or exceed analysts' projections.Time for a personal fiscal analysis of Proposition 186.The government may soon offer investors some fiscal carrots to do so.Perez stated that the current fiscal crisis was the result of the collapse of the oil industry.Columbia's fiscal deficit could soar to 1.6 percent of GDP.Although the fiscal does not collect information or investigate the crime he is entitled to intervene and direct himself police investigations.Many other distinguished fiscal economists recognise this.It was thought that skillful monetary and fiscal intervention could rescue the economy.Later, the mayor will reimburse the agency from his coffers, they were assured by redevelopment agency fiscal officer Steve Agostini.The Council of Finances determined fiscal policy within the region.The administration needs to come up with a sound fiscal policy.Though their fiscal powers are less, they have gone a very long way in recreating a Catalan political entity.The firm made $ 1. 37 billion before taxes in fiscal year 1995, its third-best year.Over the past fiscal year, the school has received $250 million in federal dollars for 1,600 projects.fiscal matterMuch of this substance was about fiscal matters.Overall, Feingold has a liberal voting record on social issues and a moderately conservative one on fiscal matters.As my hon. Friend knows, fiscal matters are for our right hon. Friend the Chancellor.
From King Business Dictionaryfiscalfis‧cal /ˈfɪskəl/ adjective [only before a noun]FINANCEECONOMICSTAX connected with government taxes, debts, and spendingThe fiscal deficit was estimated at $53,800,000 or 3.5% of gross national product.The current fiscal crisis is the result of overborrowing by the previous administration.fiscally adverbThe mayor is proud of helping to keep the city fiscally sound (=well-managed) during uncertain economic times.The President is pro-business and fiscally conservative.Origin fiscal (1500-1600) Latin fiscus basket, money bag