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firefighterfire‧fight‧er, fire fighter /ˈfaɪəˌfaɪtə $ ˈfaɪrˌfaɪtər/ ●●● W3 noun [countable] BOFIREsomeone whose job is to stop fires burningfireman
Examples from the Corpus
firefighterOver 300 firefighters were killed when the North Tower collapsed.Firefighters rescued the children, who were trapped in an upstairs room.State and local governments hire teachers, bus drivers, police, and firefighters.Ferry, a 26-year-old San Francisco firefighter, had taught her how.The new rates will mean a qualified firefighter will earn £305-a-week from November 7, a rise of £15.That alone has prompted several firefighters back to regular-duty status.Middleton-in-Teesdale Firefighter needed: A part-time firefighter is needed for the Middleton-in-Teesdale station.It took firefighters over two hours to put out the fire.It took firefighters a half- hour to find their way in the darkness to the Aburtos' unmarked, unpaved street.When firefighters were called out last night, both were well ablaze.