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ldoce_360_afingerfin‧ger1 /ˈfɪŋɡə $ -ər/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable] 1 hand.jpg part of your handHBA one of the four long thin parts on your hand, not including your thumb The woman had a ring on her finger, so I assumed she was married. We ate with our your fingers through/over/along etc something She ran her fingers through his hair. index finger, little finger, forefinger, middle finger, ring finger2 cross your fingers3 not lift/raise a finger4 put your finger on something5 not lay a finger on somebody6 have/keep your finger on the pulse (of something)7 have a finger in every pie/ in many pies8 twist/wrap/wind somebody around your little finger9 the finger of blame/suspicion The finger of suspicion immediately fell on Broderick.10 of a glove the part of a glove that covers your finger11 shaped like a fingerTHIN OBJECT OR MATERIAL anything that is long and thin, like the shape of a finger, especially a piece of land, an area of water, or a piece of food fish fingers chocolate fingersfinger of the long finger of Chile12 pull/get your finger out13 put two fingers up at somebody14 give somebody the finger15 be all fingers and thumbs16 long-fingered/slim-fingered etc17 drinkDFDAMOUNT an amount of an alcoholic drink that is as high in the glass as the width of someone’s finger two fingers of whiskey butterfingers, fish finger, → have your hands/fingers in the till at till2(3), → count something on the fingers of one hand at count1(7), → have green fingers at green1(9), → burn your fingers/get your fingers burnt at burn1(16), → point the/a finger at somebody at point2(9), → let something slip through your fingers at slip1(15), → snap your fingers at snap1(7), → have sticky fingers at sticky(5), → work your fingers to the bone at work1(29)
Examples from the Corpus
fingerFingers of flame spread in all directions.She ran a finger along the spine of the book.In the glass was a finger of pale gold wine.Then the patient's arms are placed on a table in front of him with the hands flat and fingers spread open.But next instant, he came closer and his fingers cradled her face, the box in her hands keeping them apart.Which meant that all of his fingers were presently occupied.Ted anxiously tapped his fingers on the table.The little finger of his right hand was cut off in a corn picker, 1931.She ran a sticky finger down the monthly balance-sheet, then checked the figures against the handwritten bank statement.She hung in the room, strong arms around her waist, strong fingers around her legs.Don't get too much ink on your finger or the print will not be clear.Your fingers are the stars which do not touch your fingers through/over/along etc somethingI put my hand in and tapped the rear of the little compartment, running my fingers over the surface.I ran my fingers along the edge of a cabbage rose curving over the overstuffed arm of the little chair.I run my fingers over this invisible object, and little by little curiosity gets the better of me.Julia stopped by the cold range and ran her fingers along its surface.Left alone with the car, Tod ran his fingers along the bodywork.Robbie had to fight down an impulse to reach out and run her fingers over the dark mat.the finger of blame/suspicionHe says it doesn't make sense to point the finger of blame, it's the law that is at fault.
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fingerfinger2 verb [transitive] 1 TOUCHto touch or handle something with your fingers She fingered the beautiful cloth.see thesaurus at touch2 informalSCCTELL A SECRET if someone, especially a criminal, fingers another criminal, they tell the police what that person has done
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Examples from the Corpus
fingerCasey was only fingered as the mastermind of the operation after he was dead.She darted off straight after that, leaving Melanie fingering her cheek in surprise.Cold blackness grasped at him, fingering its way through his warm blood, just waiting its moment.But soon he relapsed into his dangerous black mood, fingering the razor-sharp edge of his knife, open in his pocket.The sermon he found surprisingly proper, but Adams was repelled to see poor wretches fingering their prayer beads.
Origin finger1 Old English