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financialfi‧nan‧cial /fəˈnænʃəl, faɪ-/ ●●● W1 AWL adjective [usually before noun] BMONEYrelating to money or the management of money financial transactions financial assistance a financial advisor Organic farmers should be encouraged with financial incentives. It was a wonderful film, but not exactly a financial success (=something that makes a profit).financial difficulties/problems/crisisfinancially adverb He was successful and financially secure. Is the project financially viable?THESAURUSfinancial relating to money or the management of moneybusinesses that provide personal financial servicesthe financial problems of old ageeconomic relating to the money of a country, area, or society, and the way it is earned, spent, and controlledAmerican voters were anxious for a change in economic economic crisisfiscal [only before noun] formal relating to the money, debts, tax etc that are owned and managed by the governmentfiscal controlThe Indian government is trying to reduce the fiscal deficit.monetary [only before noun] formal relating to money, especially all the money in a country, and how it is managedThe Bank of Thailand has retained a tight monetary policy.the European Monetary Systembudgetary [only before noun] formal relating to the official plan of how the money of a country or organization is spentCity officials are facing tough budgetary decisions.the process of budgetary control
Examples from the Corpus
financialI'll have to speak to my financial advisors before I can give you an answer.The amount of financial aid offered has become more central to students' decisions about which school to attend.The financial and business exemptions applying to enterprise zones in 1980 were rather eclectic.A baby would be a heavy financial burden.Wall Street is the financial center of the US.There is a possibility of a full-scale financial crisis, like the great crash of 1929.Revelations about his financial dealings could change his election prospects dramatically.Mexico's financial difficulties increased rather than diminished.Buyers need a financial incentive to choose more efficient cars.Today it prospers and because of the financial independence that business brings, the Johnsons' dreams are coming true.Some assets, such as money lent at call to other financial institutions, are highly liquid.He succeeds the acting chief financial officer, Raymond R.. Monteleone.He will continue to work as a financial planner for Denver stock broker Dain Bosworth while he tries to make the team.The accounts show that the school's financial position is very healthy.Joan has a lot of financial problems at the moment.BMWhas now given Phoenix access to Rover's financial records, but it remains sceptical about the consortium's finances.Many libraries have found that their financial resources are stretched to the limit.Further speculation centred on the financial state of the main Maxwell companies.He failed to get financial support from his employers.He developed computer software to handle complicated financial transactions.Norton have announced profits of £3.5 million for the financial year difficulties/problems/crisisAll the same, most of us feel that we have financial difficulties.Many grandparents have their own health and financial problems.My initial reaction was relief: We had averted another financial crisis.No city could absorb such a body-blow without showing the effects, and by 1937 Danzig was in severe financial difficulties.We appreciate, too, that the Club has its own financial problems.Soon after it was founded, the College ran into financial difficulties because of an improper management of funds.The introduction of higher fees in 1956 did not solve the District's financial problems, only make them manageable.Where and when the financial crisis will come and how big it will be, no one knows.financially secureBill was successful and financially secure , but still unsatisfied.
From King Business Dictionaryfinancialfi‧nan‧cial /fəˈnænʃəl, faɪ-/ adjectiveFINANCE related to or involving finance or moneyThe law bars financial transactions between American corporations and countries accused of supporting terrorismHong Kong’s financial system see also financials