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financefi‧nance1 /ˈfaɪnæns, fəˈnæns $ fəˈnæns, ˈfaɪnæns/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun 1 [uncountable]BF the management of money by governments, large organizations etc leasing and other forms of business finance Russia’s finance minister the world of high finance (=financial activities involving very large amounts of money)2 finances3 [uncountable]BFLMONEY money provided by a bank or other institution to help buy or do something SYN funding/fundsfinance for We need to raise finance for further research.
Examples from the Corpus
financeThe use of IT in areas such as accounting and finance has grown at an astonishing rate.Periodically, Congress has made half-hearted attempts at finance reform.Insurance, banking, finance and allied services showed up well, also, on a broader basis.The mayor was accused of breaking campaign finance laws.G backers note the Ethics Commission already enforces campaign finance and lobbyist disclosure laws.The first is to push campaign finance reform to early passage.Wahl has an impressive knowledge of corporate finance and budgeting.The other guys in the office were ten to fifteen years my senior, and old hands in high finance.He was an expert in finance and advised people where to invest their money.We can't continue our research unless we get more finance.Competition in municipal finance has increased in the past few years as the amount of new securities sold fell.Kubo is slated to become Japan's next finance minister.Eagle currently has no finance director, and a person to fill this position is being actively sought.The next step was to obtain finance to develop the project.She works as a director of finance for an oil company.Scottish Homes is the nation's biggest source of finance for house building.The European Investment Bank will provide finance for a variety of regional initiatives.The only major crisis in public finance came in 1797.You'll have to explain to them how you intend to raise the financing you need.The business plan is strong, but without financing, it will never work.high financeThese free spirits were on average ten to fifteen years my senior and old hands in high finance.Their chat was not of high finance or property.He thought he was going to learn the ropes of high finance.Representatives from the world of high finance included chartered accountants and members of the major high street banks.Entertaining, but the high finance can be skimmed.raise financeEven the reliance of companies on the stock market to raise finance is comparatively small.
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financefinance2 ●●○ AWL verb [transitive] BFLMONEYto provide money, especially a lot of money, to pay for something SYN fund The concerts are financed by the Arts Council.financing noun [uncountable] The financing for the deal has been approved in principle.
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Examples from the Corpus
financeAn agreement is expected to send bond yields lower by curbing the supply of securities the Treasury sells to finance annual deficits.But why should taxpayers finance it?Paul and Minneapolis created a nonprofit corporation to finance low-income housing.Share ownership Shares are a particularly important type of wealth used to finance production.Barneys said the two parties could not reach agreement on financing, royalties, equity and trade name issues.More than $100,000 was donated to help finance Ryan's heart transplant.We financed the new house through the credit union.The cost of the bags and labels go towards financing the project.However, it seems that some additional finance will have to be raised to finance the proposed purchase of property.
From King Business Dictionaryfinancefi‧nance1 /ˈfaɪnæns, fəˈnænsfəˈnæns, ˈfaɪnæns/ noun1[uncountable] British EnglishBANKING money provided or lent, for example by a bank for INVESTMENT (=when money is put into buildings, equipment, etc to produce goods and services) or CONSUMPTION (=when people buy goods and services)finance forThe building society is Scotland’s biggest source of finance for house building.The European Investment Bank would provide finance for a range of activities including regional development activity.The next step was to obtain finance in order to start manufacturing and selling full-sized engines.If you are selling a larger property, which is paid for, and buying a smaller one, then you will not have to raise finance (=obtain it).2[uncountable] the management of money by countries, organizations, and peopleThe appointment of a top finance executive as vice chairman suggests that finance will play a prominent role in the company’s future.Russia’s finance minister said he expects the ruble to stabilize soon.3[uncountable]ECONOMICS the study of the management and use of moneyHe is professor of finance at Wharton Business School.4finances [plural]ECONOMICS the money that an organization or person has, and the way that they manage itItalian state finances are about the worst of any major world economy.The television network hired McKinsey to conduct an overall strategic review of its structure, operations and finances. business finance consumer finance corporate finance debt finance equity finance high finance mortgage finance personal finance public financefinancefinance2 verb [transitive]BANKINGFINANCE to give or lend money, especially a large amount of money, to pay for somethingThe new company will be financed by a total of $200 million in equity and $300 million in bank debt. see also financing, refinance→ See Verb tableOrigin finance1 (1300-1400) French finer to end, settle (a debt)