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filmfilm1 /fɪlm/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 AMF[countable] a story that is told using sound and moving pictures, shown at a cinema or on television SYN movie American English Have you seen any good films recently?film about a film about a young dancersee thesaurus at movie2 [uncountable] moving pictures of real events that are shown on television or at a cinema newsreel film the race to be first with film footage (=pictures) of news events3 AMF[uncountable] the work of making films, considered as an art or a business I’m interested in photography and film. the film industry a background in film and animation4 TCP[countable, uncountable] the thin plastic used in a camera for taking photographs or recording moving pictures I shot five rolls of film on vacation.record/capture/preserve something on film The whole incident was recorded on film.5 COVER[singular] a very thin layer of liquid, powder etc on the surface of somethingfilm of a film of oil on the surface of the water clingfilmCOLLOCATIONSverbswatch a filmHe stayed in and watched a film on TV.see a filmWe saw a good film last night at the cinema.appear in a filmShe once appeared in a film with Al in a film (=be one of the main characters in a film)Robert Mitchum starred in a film called 'River of No Return' with Marilyn a filmThe film was directed by Jean-Luc Godard.edit a filmThe film was edited using the latest digital technology.make/shoot a filmSutton has been making a film for Australian a filmThe film is being shown in cinemas all across the country.distribute a filmWarner Bros became the first major studio to distribute its films over the Internet.a film stars/features somebodyThe film starred Brad Pitt.a film is released/comes out (=it is made available for people to see)The film is due to come out in May.a film is showing (also a film is on British English) (=it is being shown at a cinema)The film is on at the Odeon Cinema.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + filma horror/adventure/war filmHe likes watching horror films.a cowboy/gangster etc filmJohn Wayne was best-known for his roles in cowboy films.a feature film (=a full-length film shown in the cinema)Shane Meadows’ first feature film was 'Twenty Four Seven'.a documentary filmHe has just completed a documentary film about Thomas independent film (=a film made by a small film company)Young directors began making small independent films.a foreign-language film (=a film in a language that is not the audience’s native language)Foreign-language films seldom do well at the box office.a low-budget filmHe’s currently producing his own low-budget film.a big-budget filma big-budget film aimed at the mass marketa silent film (=made in the time before films had sound)a star of silent filmsfilm + NOUNthe film industryScorsese is a highly respected figure in the film industry.a film company/studio (=a company that produces films)a European film company trying to compete with the major Hollywood studiosa film studio (=a special building where films are made)Many of the scenes were shot in a film studio.a film actor/starJohn Voight, the American film star, is perhaps best known for his Oscar winning performance in 'Midnight Cowboy'.a film directorThis year’s festival includes a tribute to the French film director Bertrand Tavernier.a film producer (=someone who controls the preparation of a film)British film producer Alexander Korda decided to make a movie about Vienna.a film maker (=someone who makes films, especially as a director)He is one of several exciting young film makers. a film soundtrack (=the recorded music for a film)The film’s soundtrack was composed by Ennio musicIn 'La Strada', Nino Rota demonstrates the poetic power of film music.a film festivalThe Berlin Film Festival attracted more than 400 films from around the world.a film premiere (=the first showing of a film)Film premieres tend to be glamorous occasions.a film crew/unit (=a group of people working together to make a film)The film crew are making a documentary about village life.a film cameraThe company produces digital film cameras.a film buff (=someone who is interested in films and knows a lot about them)Film buffs will enjoy reading 'The 100 Best Movies of All Time'.a film criticThe review was written by 'The Daily Telegraph’s' film critic.a film schoolHe graduated from film school in studiesShe’s studying for a diploma in film studies.
Examples from the Corpus
filmWhat's your favourite James Bond film?Tarantino is one of the most famous film directors of our time.The story of Lawrence of Arabia was made into a feature film in 1962.They're showing some classic French films at the Rialto.Have you seen any good films lately?The highlights films erode appreciation for the various beauties of the game, some of which are small and patient.the Hollywood film industryRaymond was well-known in film and television.She wiped away the light film of sweat that had formed on her upper lip.Given his style of working, his new film had to be a particular challenge.Well, no film was ever made that way.It's the usual sort of film about boy meets girl.I was making a children's film nearby.In the book and the film Mr Suharto appears egocentric and opinionated.For months the town was full of cameras, lighting and members of the film crew.The film starred Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.The naturalness and energy in Fields' performances made these films popular with both middle-class and working-class footageOld photographs, and some archive film footage or earlier radio broadcasts would also be included, depending on the period being studied.The design and development of each aircraft is described in turn using contemporary film footage.Needles and Opium is a collage of physical and visual images, film footage and low-key monologue.To do the Inlay shot required mixing film footage of the city with live action of the Doctor's party.The results One day's - or two days' - filming will produce a great deal of film footage.We see old film footage of him meeting Juliette Greco and Sartre.Propping up the bottom of the top 100 was, you guessed it, another compilation of repeat film footage.record/capture/preserve something on filmMy father captures all this on film.Every attempt to capture an image on film or on disk will ultimately fall ofA thin film of perspiration appeared on his forehead.
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filmfilm2 ●●○ verb [intransitive, transitive] AMto use a camera to record a story or real events so that they can be shown in the cinema or on television The love scenes are sensitively filmed. She’s in South Africa filming a documentary for the BBC. a thriller filmed entirely on location in Washingtonfilming noun [uncountable] Filming starts in October. film over
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Examples from the Corpus
filmHe received 2,000 fan letters a week and, when filming, had no less than 18 stand-ins lined up.We need permission to film in some of those old churches.It's a very austere movie, filmed largely in semi-darkness and featuring a morose baroque soundtrack.The bungy jumping was filmed on video.They filmed the movie off the west coast of Ireland.One of their captors filmed the shootings with a video camera.
Origin film1 Old English filmen thin skin