filing cabinet

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filing cabinetˈfiling ˌcabinet noun [countable] British English filing_cabinet.jpg BBOa piece of office furniture with drawers for storing letters, reports etc SYN file cabinet American English
Examples from the Corpus
filing cabinetThey fell down the back of a filing cabinet.But he had never noticed her eyes in a moment such as this: as grey and hard as any filing cabinet.It is rather like an empty filing cabinet waiting for the files to go in.The Chief of Immigration then locked his filing cabinet and announced that Nina and I were wanted upstairs in another office.Crashing and echoing, the filing cabinet toppled end-over-end down the stairs as the thing heaved itself through the door aperture.
From King Business Dictionaryfiling cabinetˈfiling ˌcabinet noun [countable]OFFICE a piece of office furniture with two or more deep drawers. Filing cabinets are used to store documents and other paper recordsSYNfile cabinet AmEHe took the papers from the top drawer of the filing cabinet.