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filialfi‧li‧al /ˈfɪliəl/ adjective formal SSFrelating to the relationship of a son or daughter to their parentsparental her filial duty
Examples from the Corpus
filialfilial dutyThe pull of journalism was incessant, but filial loyalty led him to qualify as a property surveyor.But a key element remained the considerable filial loyalty the catholic nationalists showed towards their clergy, bishops, and Popes.They put great store in filial piety and playing by their rules.Within families filial piety was the keystone of morality and it led logically to an absolute obedience to the household head.However, where the two virtues conflicted, loyalty tended to take precedence over filial piety.The first theme struck in this new Gospel is that there was tension in the filial relationship.The filial son, smashing apart the rock mountain prison.
Origin filial (1400-1500) Late Latin filialis, from Latin filius son