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fighterfight‧er /ˈfaɪtə $ -ər/ ●●○ noun [countable] 1 (also fighter plane/aircraft/jet)PMP a small fast military plane that can destroy other planes He was shot down by enemy fighters. a fighter pilot2 DSFIGHTsomeone who fights, especially as a sport3 FIGHT FOR OR AGAINST somethingsomeone who keeps trying to achieve something in difficult situations James is a fighter – he never gives up. firefighter, freedom fighter
Examples from the Corpus
fighterDad was a fighter, but he couldn't beat cancer.a crime fighterHalflings are excellent bowmen and stubborn fighters despite their rather diminutive size.And legendary names like the Tiger Moth trainer and Mosquito and Vampire fighters were also made there.fighter pilotIt adds up to a picture of a man in a wider context that just as a fighter pilot.This boy wants to be a fighter pilot.He was an outstanding fighter pilot who proved his mettle in a variety of tough assignments, including two wars.Don Shepperd told the news conference, referring to the fighter pilots involved in the two encounters.The fighter pilot taking a little light relief.The fighter pilots kept it hidden at the back of a hangar, because it was thoroughly unofficial.The downsizing Navy is training fighter pilots elsewhere.