From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfieldfield1 /fiːld/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1 field.jpg farmTADN an area of land in the country, especially one where crops are grown or animals feed on grass a view of green fields and rolling hillsfield of a field of wheatcorn/rice/wheat etc field working in the cotton fields2 subjectSE a subject that people study or an area of activity that they are involved in as part of their workfield of her work in the field of human rights Peter’s an expert in his field. He’s the best-known American outside the field of (=not connected with) politics.3 sport an area of ground where sports are playeda baseball/football/cricket etc field the local soccer fieldon/off the field The team have had a bad year, both on and off the field. Fans cheered as the players took the field (=went onto the field).4 practical workBEC work or study that is done in the field is done in the real world rather than in a class or laboratoryin the field His theories have not yet been tested in the field.field trials/testing/research etc field trip, fieldwork5 competitors a) BBTall the people, companies, products etc that are competing against each other the field of candidates for the electionbe ahead of/lead the field (=be doing better than the others) Germany was leading the field with a figure of 53%. b) DSHall the horses or runners in a race Prince led the field (=was ahead of the others) as they came around the final bend.6 magnetic/gravitational/force field7 coal/oil/gas field8 the field (of battle)9 field of vision/view10 snow/ice field11 field of fire12 leave the field clear for somebody13 computersTD in a computer document, an amount of space made available for a particular type of information an empty field (=not yet written in) have a field day at field day, → play the field at play1(31)COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + fielda corn/wheat/rice etc fieldIn summer the rice fields were lush and open fieldI saw a fox run across the open field.a green fieldAll around the house were green fields and rolling arable field (=one used for growing crops)Barley was growing in the arable fields surrounding the castle.a cultivated field (=one with crops growing on it)The valley is an area of lush greenery and cultivated fields.a ploughed fieldIt was difficult walking across the ploughed field.phrasesa field of corn/wheat/rice etcThe road was surrounded by fields of corn.verbsplough a field (=make long deep lines in the ground so that you can grow crops)The farmer was using a tractor to plough the in the fields (=do farm work)Most villagers work in the fields during the day.cross a fieldWe crossed the field and came to the barn.walk across a fieldI walked across the field to the gate.cows/horses etc graze in a field (=they eat the grass growing there)Cattle were grazing in the field below. THESAURUSfield noun [countable] an area of land in the country, especially one where crops are grown or animals feed on grassa wheat fieldCows were grazing in the field.meadow noun [countable] a field with wild grass and flowersalpine meadowspaddock noun [countable] a small field in which horses are keptHorses are much happier in a big paddock with several other horses.pasture noun [countable, uncountable] land or a field that is covered with grass and is used for cattle, sheep etc to feed onlarge areas of rough upland pasturecow pastures
Examples from the Corpus
fieldfields full of cottona field of wheatWebster is a great success in his chosen field.Bartlett defeated a crowded field of candidates for the job of mayor.a football fieldThe football field was too muddy to play on, so the game was cancelledKeith has a degree in engineering, but couldn't find a job in his field.birds such as skylarks whose habitat is open fields and farmlandMen may work periodically as day laborers on others' fields, as carpenters, or masons.Our family had harvested the cabbage and turnips from our field and were preparing to wash and salt them.Several school playing fields have been sold off to raise money.We went out onto the school playing fields to watch a game of football.Some open spaces north of the city will be made into sports fields for leisure activities.Cole is the most noted expert in the field.A few were experts in the field.We passed cows grazing in the fields.There are good employment opportunities in the field of healthcare, particularly nursing.Laycock is one of the most brilliant psychiatrists in the field.The fans cheered as he walked off the field.The crowd cheered as the players ran onto the field.Follow the path to the field corner.The field for the user's name is 25 characters long.The fields flood in winter and in summer dry and starve because every plant grows to the same depth.Meanwhile thy various subcommittees reported on public expenditure in their fields.These fields boast among the highest professional wages in the nation.What exactly is your field of study?corn/rice/wheat etc fieldWalking alongside a wheat field, admiring the vibrancy of poppies scattered in sparse splashes of scarlet, I spot something remarkable.Rice paddies and corn fields stretched away from the road.You could die dawn there with my cousin Trung, in some bloody Delta rice field.We would hide in rice fields, jungles, and swamps, and we would attack when the enemy was off guard.In Arizona, less than 10 percent of wheat fields are quarantined.Isn't it true that the men steal from the rice fields?Women gathered at streams to wash clothes and gossip, and they weeded rice fields by hand.In winter, rice fields were bare and brown, but there was the anticipation of spring planting just around the corner.outside the field ofThe tiny device is surgically implanted in an outpatient procedure within the eye, just outside the field of vision.At least to some one outside the field of spider ecology, Wise's discussion of his colleagues work seems fair and even-handed.His career neatly illustrates the expanding commercial possibilities for famous sportsmen outside the field of play. took the fieldBut as he took the field in the second Test against the West Indies, all eyes were on his behaviour.Last year Vasco da Gama and Olaria took the field for a match wearing identical strips.The only things missing were the black armbands when the team took the field at Perth.Over an hour later, the visitors finally arrived and both teams took the field - at two minutes to five.Fiery Fred and Steady Steadman caused quite a stir when they took the field for Hygiene as well.field trials/testing/research etcThe approach to pro-active searches is well established and involves a combination of desk and field research.Certainly, field research of this kind is not something which I would recommend for the inexperienced.Where quantitative analysis requires mathematical and computer skills, area studies require language training and extensive field research.Extensive field research can mean long periods living under adverse conditions to which the researcher is unaccustomed.Mainsborne, as the system is called, is being installed for field trials in 1000 houses in London and Milton Keynes.Secondly, this list of headings conveys a quite false impression of how field research is conducted.Moreover, funding organizations may be less inclined to support projects that envision long periods of field research.What is the role of field research within the market research process? 4.led the fieldHenry Ford, who had been building motor cars since the 1890s, led the field.But he led the field a merry dance until being overhauled inside the final furlong.In the home market, it led the field by a long way, with 4,337,487 units sold.Motorola led the field in wireless communication devices.Cameron's new movie led the field with seven Oscar nominations.
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fieldfield2 ●○○ verb [transitive] 1 PMPPVif you field a team, an army etc, they represent you or fight for you in a competition, election, or war The Ecology Party fielded 109 candidates. We fielded a team of highly talented basketball players.2 ANSWER/REPLYto answer questions, telephone calls etc, especially when there are a lot of them or the questions are difficult The Minister fielded questions on the Middle East. The press office fielded numerous calls from the media.3 be fielding4 DSif you field the ball in a game of cricket or baseball, you stop it after it has been hit
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Examples from the Corpus
fieldHis instinct was aggressive in all respects, especially in the fielding.Babyface, despite having fielded a record-tying 12 nominations, netted only a few of the tiny gramophones.He fielded a soccer team with Argentinean and Brazilian talent.Carlton fielded all five grounders hit his way.He unlatched his web again and swam about the cockpit, fielding flotsam.Ulster fielded four new caps, but were not overawed by a Saltire side which included six internationalists.fielded ... teamLeeds fielded a team of youngsters.fielded ... callsHe fielded the phone calls and promised answers - answers which never came.Later, they fielded the phone calls from recruiters, sat for home visits and helped their daughters sort out offers.
Field, TheThe FieldField, The trademark a British magazine which has articles about the countryside, farming, and sports such as polo and cricket. Most people in the UK think The Field is read by rich people who live in the country or own a lot of land there.From King Business Dictionaryfieldfield1 /fiːld/ noun [countable]1a subject that people study or are involved in as part of their workWe are looking for graduates with degrees in artificial intelligence, languages and related fields.Until recently, NEC was alone in the field of wireless communication.2studies, testing etc that are done in the field are done in the real world rather than in a LABORATORY, factory etcWe need someone who can test the drilling machinery in the field.3coal/oil/gas field a large area where coal, oil etc is foundEven the largest oil corporations have to rely on external finance to develop new oil fields.4a space made available for a particular kind of informationThe database contains 10 free-text fields.fieldfield2 verb [transitive] to deal with a question, enquiry, telephone call etc, usually successfullyHe fielded several angry calls from franchisees asking for their money back.→ See Verb tableOrigin field1 Old English feld