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fiancéefi‧an‧cée /fiˈɒnseɪ $ ˌfiːɑːnˈseɪ/ ●●○ noun [countable] SSFMARRYthe woman who a man is going to marrysee thesaurus at married
Examples from the Corpus
fiancéeNot officially, according to him, but she was certain his fiancée would tell a different story.By 1913 Pound is confiding in his fiancée as, we must believe, he did to no one else.When the younger man eventually left his fiancée for X, the latter completely lost interest in him.One forced him to stand up his fiancée Mary Todd at their first planned wedding in 1841.Or maybe he'd gone back to patch things up with his fiancée?With a flash of insight, she imagined Guy's jilted fiancée had received a timely escape.She happened to be my fiancée.To have been ice for so long, then to melt at the sight of my brother's fiancée!
Origin fiancée (1800-1900) French fiancé used for females