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fiancéfi‧an‧cé /fiˈɒnseɪ $ ˌfiːɑːnˈseɪ/ ●●○ noun [countable] SSFMARRYthe man who a woman is going to marrysee thesaurus at married
Examples from the Corpus
fiancéAfter a while my mum's new boyfriend moved in, and he eventually became my mum's fiancé.After all, if I did have a fiancé tucked away, that would change the situation rather dramatically.He also got engaged and moved in with his fiancé to another house belonging to the farm he works for.Her fiancé was probably equally in the dark about me.Richard, a young blacksmith, fiancé of Trotty Veck's daughter Meg.She told me that her fiancé had been killed in the war.She was lying not far from her fiancé, eyes closed, deathly pale but apparently hardly injured.
Origin fiancé (1800-1900) French past participle of fiancer to promise (in marriage)