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fertilizerfer‧ti‧liz‧er /ˈfɜːtəlaɪzə $ ˈfɜːrtl-aɪzər/ noun [countable, uncountable] TACa substance that is put on the soil to make plants grow
Examples from the Corpus
fertilizerFertilizer encourages weeds as well as crops to grow, so the increasing use of fertilizer promotes the increasing use of selective herbicides.I would apply a balanced fertilizer periodically.An application of a balanced fertilizer once a month generally is adequate, but some gardeners apply diluted applications more often.Others say that exporting fertilizers and pesticides to developing countries will help them increase their production.Phosphorus is a nutrient used in fertilizer that helps plants grow.Agriculturally, they had the structures necessary to mine fertilizers and annually spread them on their fields.There was greater specialization and more effective use was made of fertilizer.Outside every field you find a home-made latrine, waiting for passing cyclists to contribute valuable fertilizer.