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ldoce_093_gfencefence1 /fens/ ●●● S3 noun [countable] 1 fence.jpg TBDa structure made of wood, metal etc that surrounds a piece of land2 DSHa wall or other structure that horses jump over in a race or competition3 informalSCC someone who buys and sells stolen goods4 sit/be on the fence mend (your) fences at mend1(4)
Examples from the Corpus
fenceHe was beaten with a fence post and stabbed.If 64 horses start a race of six fences and half of those left fall at each fence, how many finish?Three arrangements with eight fences; five with ten fences ... odd numbers ... Was there a pattern?And John, the stud bull spooked by the power lines that suddenly appear on the other side of the fence.A workman adjusting a machine removed the fence and turned the machine by hand in order to do the job.They tore the fence down to get at us.Q: I planted nine tomatoes by a wooden fence and six close to the back wall of the house.
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fencefence2 verb 1 [transitive]TBC to put a fence around something old farmhouses and fenced gardens2 [intransitive]DSO to fight with a long thin sword as a sport3 ALANSWER/REPLY[intransitive + with] to answer someone’s questions in a clever way in order to get an advantage in an argument fence somebody/something ↔ in fence something ↔ off
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Examples from the Corpus
fenceThose who have ever given fencing a chance up-close, probably realize that it always has been an entertaining event.Till now they had fenced gently.They have all been trapped by the high rift walls that fence in the plain.Now enlightened farmers are fencing off and replanting areas which can he selectively utilised for animal feeding.
From King Business Dictionaryfencefence /fens/ verb [intransitive] informalLAW to buy and sell stolen goodsThe police suspect he has been fencing electronic equipment.→ See Verb tableOrigin fence1 (1300-1400) defense