family man

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family manˈfamily ˌman noun [countable] 1 SSFFAMILYa man who enjoys being at home with his wife or partner and children2 SSFFAMILYa man with a wife or partner and children
Examples from the Corpus
family manBesides, he was what they felt a doctor ought to be: a family man, with authority and good humour.He was already a famous poet and playwright, but he was a family man, too.He decided to return home and become the wealthy and considerate family man.For a mild, self-effacing family man, substitute a vibrant, powerful family man who pays due tribute to Margaret Thatcher.At home, Waxman is mild-mannered, a devoted and religious family man who keeps kosher.Could George Seifert, master angler, off-season family man and ferociously successful coach, never get the benefit of the doubt?He had always seemed a solid family man, and until his exposure there had been no hint of scandal about him.And David, working as he did, had lost the self that was the family man.