Word family noun familiarityunfamiliarity family familiarization adjective familiarunfamiliar familial verb familiarize adverb familiarly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfamiliarityfa‧mil‧i‧ar‧i‧ty /fəˌmɪliˈærəti/ ●○○ noun [uncountable] 1 KNOW somethinga good knowledge of a particular subject or placefamiliarity with In fact his familiarity with the Bronx was pretty limited.2 RELAXEDthe quality of being well-known to you I miss the familiarity of home.3 a relaxed way of speaking to someone or behaving with someone He treated her with the easy familiarity of an equal.4 familiarity breeds contempt
Examples from the Corpus
familiarityIt assumed not only a familiarity with Western thought but, as well, a sophistication in reading a theoretically rich argument.These activities bridge the gap in comprehension and familiarity that the interface creates.The effect, however, is not repetition but familiarity.The warm familiarity was back, and they appeared to find pleasure and amusement in each other's company.familiarity withIf readers don't have a familiarity with the Bible, many literary references are missed.