Word family noun fail failure failing adjective failed unfailing verb fail adverb unfaillingly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfailingfail‧ing1 /ˈfeɪlɪŋ/ noun [countable] FAULT/something WRONGa fault or weakness I love him, despite his failings.
Examples from the Corpus
failingEvery failing that we pointed out has since proved to exist: those failings have emerged every year since its implementation.I am not going to intrude like the voice of doom, commenting on her choices, her motives, her failings.He loved her in spite of her failings.One obvious failing in Britain is the gap between the skills the workforce offers and those employers want.For me this was a hard-won lesson, based on my own failings in this direction.Questions about Phyllis's own failings are raised, but not examined in depth.Several authors, who see the failings of our present system, do not wish to see an extension of participatory democracy.
failingfailing2 preposition failing that/this