From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishextendex‧tend /ɪkˈstend/ ●●○ S3 W2 verb 1 time [intransitive + adverb/preposition, transitive]LONG TIME to continue for a longer period of time, or to make something last longer Management have agreed to extend the deadline.extend for/into/over etc Some of our courses extend over two years.extend something for/by/until something The government has extended the ban on the import of beef until June.see thesaurus at increase2 area/distance [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]DISTANCE to continue for a particular distance or over a particular areaacross/over/through etc The River Nile extends as far south as Lake Victoria.extend 100 km/30 yards etc (from something) The shelf extends 20 cms from the bookcase.3 size [transitive]INCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT to make a room, building, road etc bigger or longer We plan to extend the kitchen by six feet.4 include/affect a) [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]POWER to affect or include people, things, or placesextend to/beyond etc My duties at the school extend beyond just teaching. The vote was extended to all women aged 21 and over in 1928. b) [transitive] to make something affect more people, situations, areas etc than before British Coal is planning to extend its operations in Wales.extend something to somebody/something We can extend our insurance cover to travel abroad.5 offer help/thanks [transitive] formalOFFER to officially offer someone help, sympathy, thanks etcextend something to somebody We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our French visitors. I’d like to extend my thanks to all the catering staff. The Coroner extended his sympathy to the victim’s family. The Headteacher has extended an invitation to the prime minister to visit the school. The banks have decided to extend credit to the company (=allow them to borrow more money). 6 arms/legs [transitive]REACH to stretch out a hand or leg George extended his hand (=offered to shake hands).7 continue winning [transitive] to increase the number of points, games etc by which one person or team is ahead of other competitors Manchester United extended their lead at the top of the table to 10 points.8 furniture [intransitive, transitive] if a table or ladder extends, it can be made longerfold→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
extendThe hotel has been recently renovated and extended.Smith Point is a small piece of land extending a hundred yards or so into the water.The Soviet Union extended all the way from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean.The River Nile extends as far as Lake Victoria."Hello, Tom, " he said, extending his hand.The US government is still trying to extend its influence over European politics.The stock market headed lower today, extending its month-long decline.Time Warner recently extended its reach to the world's biggest music business.We can extend our effectiveness enormously by the use of up-to-date technology.Derkin vows to fight any effort to extend sales taxes on food.We're thinking of extending the kitchen.These cleaning devices are meant to extend the life of your cassettes.I'll have to ask the bank to extend the repayment time on my loan.They will extend the subway from central Buffalo to the smaller towns around the city.Miners have extended the tunnel in order to get a new supply of coal.The developer plans to extend Thomas Road to meet Tenth Street.It extends to fears that the Republican coalition is cracking.The current contract expires in December, but will be extended to February 2004.In 1970 the program was extended to low-income youth, primarily in urban areas.The term of the Verma commission, which was to have ended on Aug. 25, was extended until Dec. 31.TV coverage of the match had to be extended when it went into extra time.extend for/into/over etcThe emergency import restriction on cultural artifacts from El Salvador has been extended for another three years.A small part of the Large Cloud of Magellan extends into Mensa, but otherwise there is absolutely nothing here of interest.Can the transitional period be extended for negotiation between union and employer?Like V. dubyana it extends over stones and submersed wood, forming a green or yellow-green to brownish cover of plants.The actin filaments extend into the cytoplasm from this point and form long filaments orientated concentrically around the platelet granules.These fan deposits extend into the mountain valleys and have been dissected into terraces by occasional floods emerging from those valleys.Colonoscopy showed total colitis with superficial ulceration and oedematous polypoid mucosa extending into the terminal ileum.Consequently, the people of a single state can not confer a sovereignty which will extend over them.across/over/through etcThese privileges extend across a wide range of positions even outside the core institutions of the establishment.The applications of this principle extend over almost every field of economic inquiry.Links with other departments allow interdisciplinary support and supervision where nursing interests extend across disciplines.Section headings which were found only in some chapters in the first edition have been extended through each chapter.That means the season for fires can extend through most of the year, Martin said.Each of us spotted a different line of cobbles extending across the plain, perpendicular to the prevailing gradient of slope.He guffawed at his nonstop jokes, and continued to welcome him as his visit extended through the spring into the summer.extend to/beyond etcThe solution was to fit bars, one extending to 18in and the other to 22in.To avoid this, credit rationing would have to extend to all institutions.The vote was extended to all women aged 21 and over in 1928.Skills developed are extended to produce projects based on business scenarios culminating in integrated business documents.Such techniques are available in the axisymmetric case, and may soon be extended to the colliding wave situation.Towards the end of the war separation allowances were extended to the families of commissioned officers.The concern of some researchers has extended to the ways in which boys are allowed to dominate girls in schools.It includes but extends beyond their contribution to teacher education.extend ... thanksCentral Council welcomes the new members and extends its thanks to all those whose membership has ended.The Society wish to extend their sincere thanks to Mr Bayes for information and photos.We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the medical staff at Broadgreen Hospital.Central Council extends its sincere thanks to them all.extended ... handHe removed the glasses on reaching the tarmac and he shook the Chief of Protocol's extended hand.Recovering quickly, he smiled in return and extended his hand.Father Tim extended his hands and indicated a small distance between them.Mr Miller extended his hand and my arm disappeared inside it.I must have reached out to him, extended my hand, gave him a stolid smile.When Seb entered the gipsy turned and extended a hand in greeting.He extended a beefy hand in my direction.He extended a hand: not a quiver.extended ... leadBirkenhead St Mary's extended their lead at the top as the nearest challengers Sutton and Aigburth lost.
From King Business Dictionaryextendex‧tend /ɪkˈstend/ verb1[transitive] to increase the period of time for which an agreement, contract etc is effectiveThe company decided not to extend his employment contract.The lease has been extended to five years.2[transitive] to make something bigger or increase its rangeConservationists have successfully blocked a plan to extend the golf course through the woods.If the program is successful it will be extended to cover the whole country.3extend credit to somebody to make credit available to someoneThis was the first time that banks had extended credit to a Mexican government agency.→ See Verb tableOrigin extend (1300-1400) Latin extendere, from tendere to stretch