Word family noun exploration explorer adjective exploratory unexplored verb explore
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexploreex‧plore /ɪkˈsplɔː $ -ˈsplɔːr/ ●●● S3 W2 verb 1 [transitive]EXAMINEDISCUSS to discuss or think about something carefully SYN look at Management need to explore ways of improving office security. I’m going to explore the possibility of a part-time job.2 [intransitive, transitive]TRAVELEXAMINE to travel around an area in order to find out about it Venice is a wonderful city to explore.3 explore (something) for oil/minerals/gold etc4 [transitive] written to feel something with your hand or another part of your body to find out what it is like Gingerly she explored the bump on her head with her fingers.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
exploreWe'll be in Istanbul for three days, so there will be plenty of time to explore.Instead, separate Centers of Competence explored issues of interest to the consultants who participated in them.But I forgot, you've already explored my kitchen, haven't you?James plans to explore offers from other companies before making a decision.Whenever possible, she and Flynn would go off and explore the countryside, taking a picnic with them.On a sunny afternoon we explored the gentler scenery near Henley and Oxford.But most of the philosophers who have written about and explored the nature of being have not been so crude.To begin to answer these questions, we first explore the normal course of human language development.We spent a week exploring the Oregon coastline.A less intelligent and less secure judge might have permitted the defense to explore these avenues.But l wanted to step beyond that and explore what an intimate relationship would be.explore the possibility ofAlternatively, they could ask that Manelux explore the possibility of a no strike agreement with the tutors.Maybe I would explore the possibility of early retirement in the end.The real purpose of the General Council was to explore the possibility of establishing effective cooperation between unions.The Staff Development Group is exploring the possibility of extending the observation and self-evaluation process to review and sustain these developments.Co. will explore the possibility of finding a purchaser for the station or spinning it off to Disney shareholders.The Permanent Council will explore the possibility of holding informal meetings on the issues mentioned in the two preceding paragraphs.AT&T says that it is now exploring the possibility of marketing the components externally.Instead, it explores the possibilities of religion based on the body.
Origin explore (1500-1600) Latin explorare, from plorare to cry out; probably from the shouting of hunters when they see the animal they are trying to catch