Word family noun exploration explorer adjective exploratory unexplored verb explore
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexplorationex‧plo‧ra‧tion /ˌekspləˈreɪʃən/ ●●○ noun [countable, uncountable] 1 the act of travelling through a place in order to find out about it or find something such as oil or gold in it oil exploration facilities in the North Sea You can then use this hut as a base for explorations into the mountains around.exploration of the exploration of space2 EXAMINEDISCUSSwhen you try to find out more about something by discussing it, thinking about it etcexploration into/of an exploration into how an abused child becomes an abuser the exploration of literary texts
Examples from the Corpus
explorationBut all their exploits and explorations suddenly came to an abrupt end.Further exploration and appraisal drilling will be necessary to confirm the commercial potential for this discovery.In explorations of the Japan Sea, scientists examined the sea bottom.The twentieth century provides a vehicle for more meaningful exploration of the influence such cosmic events would have had upon the world.They are a time of exploration, assertion, and challenge, and often of confusion, contradictions, and trauma.oil explorationThe Alvin is the lunar module of deep-sea exploration.The exploration of literary texts is not an elitist activity, distinct from the study of other means of communication.The exploration will revolve around the systematic development in youngsters of the desired, and contrasting, characteristics the two valuations entail.exploration ofthe exploration of Mars by robotexploration into/ofThey eschewed grand schemes of schematic explanation, preferring empirical explorations of the particular, with close attention to analyzing function.The subject excites Watts to an enthusiastic exploration of the powerful imagery of the Old Testament.It is a graceful exploration of that dream life that seems so plausible in the hour before we wake.In explorations of the texture of racist discourses in recent years, the inner city has been a prime site for investigation.The mapping and mineral exploration of the northern part of the island of Malaita was started during the year.So we must go further in our exploration of the ever more complex relationship between inflation and unemployment.In parts of the Roman Catholic Church there is a wide-ranging exploration of new forms of worship and liturgical expression.The foundation of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea in 1902 also acted as a stimulus.