expiry date

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexpiry dateexpiry dateFINISH/COME TO AN ENDthe date after which something is not safe to eat or can no longer be used SYN expiration date American English Check the expiry date on your passport. Eggs must be marked with an expiry date that is ten days from the date of packing. expiry
Examples from the Corpus
expiry dateThe company is currently seeking agreement, and an extension of its credit agreement beyond the current June 30 expiry date.The block exemptions are subject to review, since they have expiry dates written in, but no substantial change is imminent.My Visa number is expiry date 09/94.Profit diagrams can only be intelligibly drawn for strategies involving investments with the same expiry dates.These forms are filed alphabetically, the expiry date carefully noted and systematically cleared out after the expiry date has elapsed.Check the expiry date on the packet.His defence, to start with, was the circular from the Tripoli Committee extending the expiry date on the milk.