expense account

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expense accountexˈpense acˌcount noun [countable] BECmoney that is available to someone who works for a company so that they can pay for meals, hotels etc when travelling or entertaining people for work I have an expense account and spend about £10,000 a year on entertaining.
Examples from the Corpus
expense accountThe benefits considered least important were the amount of holiday and an expense account.See if you can put it on an expense account.So they can come with time off work and probably on an expense account, even to a far-flung location.Things have also changed for the employee who receives an expense account.You gain a whole new sense of financial responsibility the moment you leave the corporate expense account behind.They will hit the top earner, the energy-guzzler, the expense account holder, harder than anyone.
From King Business Dictionaryexpense accountexˈpense acˌcount [countable]ACCOUNTING a company account that an employee can use for money that they have to spend as part of their job, for example on hotels, meals etcI have an expense account and spend about £20,000 a year on entertaining clients. account