From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexistex‧ist /ɪɡˈzɪst/ ●●● S2 W1 verb [intransitive] 1 HAPPENto happen or be present in a particular situation or place The custom of arranged marriages still exists in many countries. Opportunities exist for students to gain sponsorship. Stop pretending that the problem doesn’t exist. The club will cease to exist if financial help is not found.2 EXISTto be real or alive Do fairies really exist? Tom acts as if I don’t exist at times.3 LIFEto stay alive, especially in a difficult situation when you do not have enough money, food etc SYN surviveexist on The hostages existed on bread and water.COLLOCATIONSadverbsreally/actually existDo you think ghosts really exist?already existLegislation to protect us from terrorists already exists.currently existNo treaty currently exists between the two countries.still exist (=existing in the past and continuing to exist)A number of his early photographs still exist.verbscontinue to existWe all hope the human race will continue to exist for millions of years.cease to exist (=stop existing)Many of these companies will cease to exist in five years' time.be known to existSeven copies of the original book are still known to exist.phrasesthe right to existThe president issued a statement recognizing Kosovo's right to exist. GRAMMAR: Using the progressiveExist is not used in the progressive in meanings 1 and 2. You say: No company of that name exists. Don’t say: No company of that name is existing. Exist can be used in the progressive in meaning 3. You can say: At the moment they are existing on a few dollars a day. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
existDo you think ghosts really exist?Only about 50 Florida panthers are believed to exist.There now exists a significant body of scientific research on the subject.Just when did this revolution occur and in fact did information exist before its arrival in electronic form?Poor families in our city are barely able to exist during the winter.Although a total prohibition exists for the third category above, special circumstances may exist for the first two services.Whereas, in fact, many of the longest-lasting marriages are those between people who exist in perpetual conflict.We can't continue to pretend that the problem of homelessness doesn't exist in this city.The blue whale is the largest creature that has ever existed on earth.They also, to a greater or lesser extent, existed outside mainstream, predominantly male controlled, hierarchical structures.A large body of theory and no small degree of controversy exist relative to the treatment of uncertainty.Once again, in other words, Carter was seeing dangers that did not exist, while ignoring those that did.cease to existYoung poultry is marketed at such an early age that these differences have practically ceased to exist. 8.As of 1991, the Russian Communist Party effectively ceased to exist.The town which Joyce wrote about has long since ceased to exist.And the local elected legislature will cease to exist.One wet day, though, in 1985 Bellerby Feast had almost ceased to exist.The world had ceased to exist.Whatever may happen to different orders of reality, this space-time and its laws will cease to exist.And it is true that after his death she ceased to exist for the world beyond the farm.For a fraction of an instant I thought I had ceased to exist myself.As a result there ceases to exist unalloyed the direct feedback, characteristic of primitive societies, between natural conditions and consciousness.exist onBrian exists on pizza and soft drinks.
Origin exist (1600-1700) Latin exsistere to come into being, exist, from sistere to stand