Word family noun exam examination cross-examination examiner verb examine cross-examine
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examinationex‧am‧i‧na‧tion /ɪɡˌzæməˈneɪʃən/ ●●○ W2 noun 1 [countable] formalSEEXAM/TEST a spoken or written test of knowledge, especially an important one SYN exam The examination results will be announced in September. He’s already taken the entrance examination.2 [countable, uncountable]EXAMINE the process of looking at something carefully in order to see what it is likeexamination of a detailed examination of population statisticsunder examination The proposals are still under examination. The issues need further examination.on examination On closer examination the vases were seen to be cracked.3 MH[countable] a set of medical tests All patients had a complete physical examination. A post-mortem examination (=an examination on a dead body) showed that he died from head injuries.4 [countable, uncountable] lawSCT the process of asking questions to get specific information, especially in a court of law cross-examineCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: a spoken or written test of knowledge, especially an important oneverbstake an examination (also sit an examination British English)Do you have to take an examination in every subject?pass an examination (=succeed in it)I really hope that Suzie passes the examination.fail an examinationMichael had never yet failed an examination.study for an examination (also revise for an examination British English)I have been studying all week for the examination.do well/badly in an examinationHe did well in his examinations, and went on to study at MIT.cheat in an examinationAny student caught cheating in an examination will be suspended.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + examinationa final examination (=at the end of a course)My final examinations take place in June.a written/oral examinationFor French, there is an oral and a written examination.a chemistry/French etc examinationMost of the pupils passed their science examination with flying colours.an entrance examination (=to enter a school or university )He had now failed the college entrance examination twice.a mock examination (=a practice examination to prepare for the real one)Mock examinations help you to prepare for the real thing.A-level/high school etc examinationsThe school usually achieves good results in GCSE examinations.examination + NOUNexamination resultsYou will receive your examination results in the post.an examination paperThere will be a choice of questions on the examination paper.an examination questionRead the examination questions carefully before writing your answers.examination revisionI need to find somewhere quiet to do some examination revision.an examination script (=everything that someone writes in an examination)I've just finished marking 200 examination scripts.examination marksOn average, girls achieved higher examination marks that boys.an examination passTo apply, you need at least two A-level examination passes. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: the process of looking at something carefully in order to see what it is likeverbscarry out an examination (also conduct an examination formal) (=examine something)The police are carrying out an examination of the crime scene.adjectivesa careful examinationAfter a very careful examination of the evidence, we have ruled against the defendant.a detailed examinationScientists have carried out a detailed examination of the house.a thorough/rigorous examination (=very careful)There needs to be a thorough examination of these claims.a close examination (=very careful and detailed)A close examination of the figures revealed many discrepancies.a brief examination (=quick, and not very detailed)In chapter one, there is a brief examination of the economic situation in the country at the time.a cursory examination (=very quick and not careful or detailed )Even a cursory examination of the documents would reveal some serious problems.a superficial examination (=looking only at things that are obvious and easy to see)The police carried out a fairly superficial examination of the room.a preliminary/initial examinationThe inland revenue began a preliminary examination of his tax returns in August.further examination (=a more detailed or careful examination)The results of the experiment merit further examination.forensic examination (=the scientific methods used for finding out about a crime)The clothing was sent to the lab for forensic examination.phraseson closer examinationOn closer examination, I could see a slight crack in the window.under examinationThe handling of the matter is under examination by congressional investigators. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: a set of medical testsverbshave an examinationHe was examined by Dr Bower yesterday and will have another examination today.undergo an examination (=have one)All new employees are required to undergo a medical examination.conduct/perform an examinationThe doctor will perform an examination in order to assess the problem.an examination shows (also an examination reveals formal)A second examination showed a small growth in his stomach.adjectivesa medical examinationWe need to do a further medical examination.a clinical examination (=by a doctor)The clinical examination may not reveal anything abnormal.a post-mortem examination (=an examination of a dead body to discover why the person died)The post-mortem examination showed that he died from a blood clot in the brain.a routine examinationI made an appointment at the dentist's for a routine examination.
Examples from the Corpus
examinationThese subjects had an examination for evaluation of occult blood, positive stools or for screening for colon cancer, or both.Mandelbaum's new book is an examination of US foreign policy.B.Eds were about equally divided between continuous assessment and examinations, with some project work.After a brief examination by a local doctor, I was taken to the city's main hospital.On closer examination the vases were found to be cracked in several places.Closer examination will show that the document is more readable and links to other subjects are helpful.The judge ordered a detailed examination of Cowley's financial records.A detailed examination of population statistics reveals a steady decline in the birth rate.Each of the prisoners was given a thorough medical examination.A post-mortem examination of the occupants revealed nothing which contributed to the accident.With the Tories elected for a fourth successive term, the politics of the opposition are obviously up for radical examination.The pattern of assessment followed precedent, with only two courses requiring examinations.Darden's examination of the witness produced no startling evidence.Preparation of the reservoir for endoscopy was performed with a phosphate enema 30 minutes before the examination.The examination scores will be announced next week.The committee's latest proposals are still under examination.entrance examinationThere had been a rush to take part when the national college entrance examination was restored in 1977.He claimed to have taken entrance examinations for Stevens, but no records remain.Having passed the entrance examinations he joined as an Aircraft Apprentice at Halton in August 1928.Voice over Professors flew in especially from Prague to supervise the entrance examinations and emphasise the benefits of studying in their country.detailed examinationIn summary, the research aims at a detailed examination of the policy-making process.When he had finished, he would flash back to the complete page and select a new subject for detailed examination.But, for less detailed examinations or as back-up information, the analyses presented in stockbroker reports are considered extremely useful.Some details of the mechanisms of dispersal of such imported goods can be obtained by a more detailed examination of their distributions.What does a more detailed examination of the proposals in Working for patients and the accompanying working papers reveal?Thirdly, some proposals do warrant a more detailed examination with regard to their desirability and practicability.But until now the detailed examination of the underwater ruins has been held back by a lack of suitable technology.post-mortem examinationBut a post-mortem examination showed the animal had been felled by one blow with a sledge-hammer or similar weapon.Leech had conducted a post-mortem examination and found cerebral haemorrhage as the cause of death.Those advocating embalming lose little love for doctors who ask relations for permission to do a post-mortem examination and get it.A post-mortem examination of the occupants revealed nothing which contributed to the accident.A post-mortem examination showed he had suffered internal injuries, said a spokesman.A post-mortem examination was carried out yesterday.This is based on clinical signs and post-mortem examination.They will testify to what their post-mortem examinations of the victims disclosed.
From King Business Dictionaryexaminationex‧am‧i‧na‧tion /ɪgˌzæməˈneɪʃən/ noun1[countable, uncountable] when you look closely at something in order to see what it is like or whether it is in good conditionThe cover-up was designed to obstruct the auditor’s examination of his company’s books.The tax department was making a routine examination of the company. regulatory examination2[countable, uncountable]LAW when someone is formally asked questions in a court of law, after having promised to tell the truthA re-investigation would involve a fresh examination of witnesses. cross-examination public examination re-examination3[countable] a spoken or written test of knowledgean accountancy examination