From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheverydayev‧ery‧day /ˈevrideɪ/ ●●○ adjective [only before noun] NORMALordinary, usual, or happening every day the problems of everyday life wearing everyday clothes a simple, everyday object Describe it in ordinary everyday language.Do not confuse with every day (=each day): I see him every day.see thesaurus at normal
Examples from the Corpus
everydayUnder the surface of an everyday conversation a duel of two astute minds was taking place.Detachment from the everyday gives us a higher view of our lives.We've come a long way - with everyday improvements such as ... The range of goods in the shops.The book is written in simple everyday language.The first week of the course is spent teaching students English phrases needed for everyday life.These should be noted, before one views the siege as baseline myth for the interpretation of everyday life.One focuses on the everyday lives of the First Peoples.Noland makes sculptures out of everyday objects.Arthritis made it difficult for him to do everyday things like take out the garbage or mow the lawn.everyday lifeStress is just part of everyday life.Regional identity is a theoretical category which as such is not of much obvious importance for one's everyday life.There are plenty of examples of this type of puzzle to be found in everyday life.This is also dramatically apparent in everyday life.This thesis attempts to make use of one particular aspect of driving which makes it nearly unique in everyday life.Typical is its distillation of a tranquil moment from everyday life.Rabin's works speak of both the realities of everyday life and of a yearning for the spiritual.Violence is part of everyday life for the 4.3m Acehnese.One focuses on the everyday lives of the First Peoples.