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etchingetch‧ing /ˈetʃɪŋ/ noun [countable] AVDa picture made by printing from an etched metal plate
Examples from the Corpus
etchingIt doesn't have to be artwork like paintings, drawings, etchings, prints or even posters.There were faint etchings in the gold, but she couldn't make them out.These turned out to be prints of William Green's soft-ground etchings taken as proofs from the plates in the early 1800's.And having lost our zeal for the idle etchings of some bored buckaroo, we slink off into the shade.Hydrofluoric acid is the etching agent for silicate-rich rocks; carbonates can be etched with various weak acids.When the etchings are taken down inmates will have another kind of picture to put in their place.Weak etching gives a thin, patchy stain.The ice on the river was smooth and transparent, not crisscrossed with the white etchings of skaters' tracks.