Word family noun establishment adjective established verb establish
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishestablishes‧tab‧lish /ɪˈstæblɪʃ/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL verb [transitive] 1 START something/MAKE something STARTto start a company, organization, system, etc that is intended to exist or continue for a long time SYN found The city of Boerne was established by German settlers in the 1840s. Our goal is to establish a new research centre in the North.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say set up or start a company or organization, rather than use establish:The company was set up in 1976.2 to begin a relationship with someone or a situation that will continueestablish relations/links/contact etc (with somebody) Hungary established diplomatic relations with Chile in 1990. I wondered why he should bother to try and establish contact with me.3 FIND OUTto find out facts that will prove that something is true The police must establish the facts of the case before proceeding.establish that The autopsy established that he had been murdered.establish whether/if I was never able to establish whether she was telling the truth.4 PROVEto make people accept that you can do something, or that you have a particular qualityestablish yourself (as/in) He had three years in which to establish himself as prime minister. He’d already begun to establish quite a reputation as a journalist.THESAURUSestablish to start a company or organization, especially one that exists for a long timeThe company was established in 1899.He established a new research centre in Dublin.Most of the money will be used to establish local industries and mobilize the work-force.set up to start a new company or organization. Set up is less formal than establish, and is the usual phrase to use in everyday EnglishKate and her partner are setting up their own printing business.Dad set up as a builder in 1990 and now he employs over twenty to start a business that provides services to the public, such as a shop, restaurant, or hotelHe opened his first restaurant in 1995.They just opened a new supermarket on Van Nuys Boulevard.found to start a company or an organization such as a school or a hospital, especially by providing the money for it – used about something that was started a long time agoWho originally founded the college?The bank was founded 60 years ago in Munich.inaugurate /ɪˈnɔːɡjəreɪt $ -ˈnɒː-/ formal to start an organization with an official ceremonyTwenty years after the airport was inaugurated, it introduced its first transatlantic flights. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
establishIn contrast to other trichostrongyles hypobiosis occurs at the L3 stage although their role in outbreaks of disease has not been established.The power of feedback to motivate improved performance is well established.Matt hoped to establish a caring relationship with Sandy.A committee hopes to establish a new drug policy by the end of the month.Investigators have not established a reason for the attack.Another condition requires Harvard to establish a reserve account to make sure that the insurer can pay outstanding medical bills.Shortly after the rampage, the railroad established a victims fund that raised $ 519,397.Be positive and determined, and establish disciplined routines.They are carrying out research to establish exactly why so many species of songbird are disappearing.The company was established in 1899.The university was established in 1922.Most of the money will be used to establish local industries and mobilize the work-force.For information on how to establish such a scheme write to Friends of the Earth, enclosing an s.a.e.It was quickly established that several members of the crew had been negligent.We haven't yet established the cause of the accident.Citing mathematical probabilities clearly does not establish the nonexistence of extraterrestrial being.establish relations/links/contact etc (with somebody)Bush recognized and established relations with the new republics on December 25,1991.Every month or so a pair will be despatched to meet established contacts in Manchester or Liverpool.For lawyers it is especially important to establish contact with colleagues in other member states.He established contacts with townspeople and religious leaders that would be invaluable to him in his later research.He established links with writers and artists; shooting Picasso with bread rolls for fingers.He was particularly keen to establish contacts between the college and what was happening elsewhere in post-war Britain.Roy was also visionary in establishing links with depart-ment stores and other retailers to keep Disney merchandise in the public eye.The point was to establish contact, to see whether the path through the hedge might be cleared again for passage.establish thatThe first modification requires that a reorder point be established that allows for delivery lead times.On autopsy it was established that he had suffered from a very rare brain condition in which the thalamus progressively degenerated.Through this project, it has been established that some antigens are indeed absent from the tumours.It has been established that such items as these were employed first and foremost as musical instalments.He established that the body which was badly decomposed was that of a male aged between 16 and 25.It is important to establish that the client and key employees will be available at the appropriate time.The forms require information to be provided which will establish that the court has jurisdiction.That establishes that you acted because of the job you thought you had and suffered as a result.establish yourself (as/in)It is a lot for a young charity still to establish itself.We plan to establish ourselves as the national point of contact for industry to reach mathematical skills in these areas.One of the first kennels to establish itself as a consistent winner in the show ring was the Tankerville Kennel.Dall established himself as the Salomon Brothers authority on mortgage securities in September I977.Selina established herself at the circular steel table: evening paper, teacup, a single, deserved cigarette.Most of those who arrive are young men looking to establish themselves before calling their families to join them.Rentokil have established themselves in this market through a unique management structure.
From King Business Dictionaryestablishes‧tab‧lish /ɪˈstæblɪʃ/ verb [transitive]COMMERCE to start a company, organization, system etc that is intended to exist for a long timeMy grandfather established the family business in 1938.→ See Verb tableOrigin establish (1300-1400) Old French establir, from Latin stabilire to make firm