Word family noun escape escapism escapee escapologist adjective escaped inescapable escapist verb escape adverb inescapably
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishescapedes‧caped /ɪˈskeɪpt/ adjective [only before noun] an escaped person or animal has escaped from somewhere an escaped prisoner
Examples from the Corpus
escapedSherwood, an escaped convict, hunted down his ex-girlfriend and killed her.Mr Wolski was among the group of keepers who first saw the escaped golden eagle.Police are on the lookout for three escaped prisoners.escaped prisonerHe is hiding from some one, too, but he is not an escaped prisoner.He traded places with a young married man, who was to be slaughtered in retribution for an escaped prisoner.That morning Sir Henry and Barrymore argued about Selden, the escaped prisoner.The man and wife arrested with him have been bailed but probably face further questioning about suspected harbouring of an escaped prisoner.We were nothing to do with the prison camp or the escaped prisoners.They had been brought here to round up the escaped prisoners but fortunately no one was giving them any information.The escaped prisoner saw us and screamed as he turned to run.But the man who got into the front seat was Keith Hanger, an escaped prisoner wanted in connection with a murder.