Word family noun equipment adjective equipped verb equip
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishequipmente‧quip‧ment /ɪˈkwɪpmənt/ ●●● S2 W2 AWL noun 1 [uncountable]EQUIPMENT the tools, machines etc that you need to do a particular job or activity a shop selling camping equipment some brand new computer equipment a very useful piece of equipmentRegisterIn everyday English, people usually say stuff or, in British English, things rather than equipment:Have you got your tennis stuff?GRAMMAR: Countable or uncountable?Equipment is an uncountable noun and is not used in the plural. You say: The laboratory has all the latest equipment. Don’t say: The laboratory has all the latest equipments.Equipment is always followed by a singular verb: All our equipment has been carefully tested.When talking about one machine or tool, you say a piece/an item of equipment: A good compass is an essential piece of equipment when you are hiking.2 [singular]PROVIDE the process of equipping someone or somethingequipment of A lot of money was spent on the equipment of the new hospital.COLLOCATIONSphrasesa piece of equipmentWhen you buy an expensive piece of equipment, you need to insure it.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + equipment new/modern/up-to-dateThe factory has some of the most up-to-date equipment available.military equipmentThe sale of military equipment to the regime is banned.medical equipmentlife-saving medical equipmentelectrical/electronic equipmentThe store sells a wide range of electrical etc equipmentAgeing computer equipment should be replaced, not upgraded.essential/necessary/vital equipmentA compass is essential equipment when hiking.standard equipment (=the equipment that is in a car, which does not cost extra to have)Standard equipment on this model includes airbags, climate control and cruise control.special equipmentYou don’t need any special equipment, just a pair of running equipmentoffice equipment, such as photocopiers and printersheavy equipmentThe truck has to be able to carry tanks and other heavy equipmentEmployers must provide safety equipment, and make sure it is used.sporting/camping/skiing etc equipmentCan you help me load the camping equipment into the boot, please?verbsuse equipmentMr Gomez will now demonstrate how to use the equipment safely.provide/supply equipmenta contract to supply drilling equipment to the mineinstall equipmentWe are installing new computerized equipment in place of the old machines.need/require equipmentFor scuba diving, you’ll need specialized equipment.THESAURUSequipment noun [uncountable] the machines, tools, or objects that you use for doing somethingAll the camping equipment is in the garage.You’ll do a better job if you have the right equipment. We are raising money for equipment for our playgroup.gear noun [uncountable] informal equipment and clothes for an activity that you do in your spare timeWe loaded all our gear into the boat, and set off to go fishing.I’ve decided to sell my climbing gear.camping gearkit noun [countable] things for a particular purpose or activity, especially ones kept together in their own containerYou’ll find a hammer in my tool kit.Do you have a first aid kit?You can buy a special kit for damp-proofing your home.apparatus noun [uncountable] tools and machines used for scientific, medical, and technical purposesThis experiment can be performed using the apparatus shown in the diagram.Astronauts have special breathing apparatus.stuff noun [uncountable] informal equipment that you use to do somethingThe builders have left all their stuff round the back of the house.Where’s the decorating stuff?things noun [plural] informal especially British English the equipment or clothes that you need for a particular activityShe went into the shed where her father kept his gardening things.They got all the Christmas things out of the loft.paraphernalia noun [uncountable] written a lot of small things that are used for a particular purposeAll the paraphernalia for making tea and coffee stood on the bedside table.The police found drug paraphernalia all over the house.
Examples from the Corpus
equipmentThe advantage lay in their using less oxygen, being less tired and being able to carry more samples and equipment equipmentLintvalve Electronic System, an acoustic leak detection equipment company, was bought in December 1991.You should check all your electrical equipment regularly.Electronic equipment is also built to varying degrees of power.Gardena free-lance photographer Jim Ober suggests keeping equipment simple and knowing how to use it properly.There's noticeably less equipment hanging from a scrambler, but pound for pound there will be more fleecy material visible.With production falling, factories stop ordering new equipment.The workers also participate in such matters as production scheduling, solving quality problems, evaluating performance and recommending new equipment.It's much easier if you have the right piece of equipment for the job.We were told to keep all our sports equipment in the lockers downstairs.high technology equipment for policing and traffic controlIn one case, a law passed last year required telephone companies to design their equipment to allow for wiretaps.Thieves stole all the video equipment from the college.
From King Business Dictionaryequipmente‧quip‧ment /ɪˈkwɪpmənt/ noun [uncountable] all the special machines, tools etc that you need for a particular activityThe company has invested heavily in new equipment. capital equipment heavy equipment