Word family noun equipment adjective equipped verb equip
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishequipe‧quip /ɪˈkwɪp/ ●●○ AWL verb (equipped, equipping) [transitive] 1 PROVIDEto provide a person or place with the things that are needed for a particular kind of activity or workequip somebody/something with something They spent a lot of money equipping the school with new computers. He equipped himself with a hammer and nails.be equipped with something The rooms are equipped with video cameras.be equipped to do something The emergency services are equipped to deal with disasters of this kind.well/poorly/fully etc equipped a well equipped hospital2 PREPAREto give someone the information and skills that they need to do somethingequip somebody with something We equip students with the skills they will need once they leave college.equip somebody for something training that will equip you for the jobequip somebody to do something We must equip young teachers to deal with difficult children.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
equipAll experienced hillwalkers are well aware of the dangers of venturing on to the hills without being properly equipped and prepared.A child is not equipped either semantically or phonetically to split up the utterances that come flooding from adults.Few hotels are better equipped for a Club holiday.The adder is uniquely equipped for that role.Her privileged upbringing had not equipped her for hard work in the fields.We try to equip our students with the skills they will need in the world of work.We do our best to equip refugees with the skills they need for survival in a foreign culture.He urged mountain users to be properly equipped, saying crampons and an ice axe were essential.The school aims to equip students to deal with the kind of problems they will face in the outside world.It will cost over $2000 to equip the entire team.Stanton later managed to free himself, called police and told them his stolen car was equipped with a tracking device.Police officers have been equipped with batons and riot shields in preparation for tonight's match.For apart from being equipped with eyes, head and body, dolphins and whales bear little outward physical resemblance to ourselves.Any regiment may be equipped with shields at a cost of +2 points per model.A good education will equip your children to get a good job.equip somebody/something with somethingThe school will be equipped with 70 brand new computers.equip somebody for somethingShe is not equipped for the public role she has been forced to play.
Origin equip (1500-1600) French équiper, probably from Old Norse skipa to make ready a ship, from skip ship