environmentally friendly

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environmentally friendlyenˌvironmentally ˈfriendly ●○○ (also environment friendly) adjective SGEnot harmful to the environmentTHESAURUSenvironmentally friendly not harmful to the environmentCycling is very environmentally friendly.environmentally friendly holidays Is there such a thing as an environmentally friendly car?eco-friendly [usually before noun] not harmful to the environment – used especially about productsWe always try to use eco-friendly cleaning products.eco-friendly coffins made from newspapersgreen [usually before noun] not harmful to the environment – used especially in the following phrasesgreen productsgreen technologygreen energyIt was voted the greenest building in Britain.clean [usually before noun] clean fuels or forms of energy do not release any harmful substances into the atmosphereWe need cleaner fuels for cars and other road vehicles. clean energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbinesrenewable renewable energy comes from sources that can be easily replaced naturally, so that there is always more availableThe building is heated using renewable energy from the sun.The government needs to invest more in renewable energy sources. Wind power is renewable and produces no greenhouse gases during operation.sustainable using the Earth’s resources, without causing damage to the environment – used especially about farming, ways of living, and developmentThe flowers are produced to high environmental standards using sustainable farming methods.Many people want to lead more sustainable lifestyles and to conserve the planet’s resources. sustainable use of the world’s resourcescarbon-neutral balancing the amount of carbon gases that you put into the Earth’s atmosphere with other activities that will effectively reduce the amount of carbon gases, for example by planting treesa carbon-neutral company Stirling is aiming to become the UK’s first carbon neutral city. All new homes will be carbon-neutral.low-carbon [usually before noun] producing only a small amount of carbonResearch is being done into the development of low-carbon electricity.We will need to have a low-carbon economy.low-energy [usually before noun] low-energy buildings and lightbulbs use very little energyPosition is a key factor in the design of a low-energy house.COLLOCATIONS CHECKeco-friendly productsgreen products/technology/energyclean fuel/energyrenewable energysustainable farming/lifestyle/developmentcarbon-neutral company/building/citylow-carbon economy/electricitylow-energy light bulb/building
Examples from the Corpus
environmentally friendlyAs an agricultural crop, sunflowers are extremely environmentally friendly.In some cases, the materials are not environmentally friendly.Mr. Trippier My right hon. Friend is not environmentally benign but environmentally friendly.They represent products which have been singled out and improved to make them more environmentally friendly.And as you don't need chemicals, it's environmentally friendly, and saves you money.I hope you will follow up your cycling experience by campaigning for real improvements for this most environmentally friendly form of transport.Neither does canned food provide an environmentally friendly option for preserving food.