Word family noun environment environmentalist adjective environmental adverb environmentally
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environmentalen‧vi‧ron‧men‧tal /ɪnˌvaɪrənˈmentl◂/ ●●● S2 W2 AWL adjective 1 SGEconcerning or affecting the air, land, or water on Earthecological the environmental damage caused by the chemical industry an international meeting to discuss environmental issues the environmental impact of pollution from cars an environmental group (=group of people who want to protect the environment)2 concerning the people and things around you in your life, for example the buildings you use, the people you live or work with, and the general situation you are in environmental risks to employees’ healthenvironmentally adverb environmentally damaging projectsCOLLOCATIONSnounsenvironmental issuesEnvironmental issues, such as cliff erosion and pollution, directly affect people’s lives.environmental protectionIs environmental protection more important than economic growth?environmental damagethe environmental damage caused by opencast miningenvironmental pollutionPower stations cause a lot of environmental pollution.environmental problemsAcid rain is one of the major environmental problems associated with burning coal.environmental concernsResidents have raised some valid environmental concerns about the nuclear plant.environmental awareness (=how aware people are of environmental issues)Schools are crucial in helping to raise environmental awareness.an environmental groupa campaign by environmental groups to protect the Antarcticthe environmental movement (=all the groups concerned about the environment)There are differences of opinion about nuclear power within the environmental movement.the environmental impactDon’t underestimate the environmental impact logging has on the rainforest.environmental effectsThe environmental effects of building the dam will be felt by generations to come.
Examples from the Corpus
environmentalThe action is exactly reversed in an environmental analysis.A new environmental cabinet permits simulation of weathering in a wide range of environments.An oil spill of that size will cause a lot of environmental damage.And Northamptonshire's environmental health officers are backing up that message.We believe a much better understanding of the environmental implications of using secondary aggregates is urgently required.The planning department of this sixth company questioned the usefulness of determining key environmental issues, particularly given the effort involved.According to Samuel Epstein, professor of environmental medicine at the University of Illinois, the reason is obvious.These three trends combined to form a more environmental physical geography which may have been late but hopefully not too late.The pictures sent back to earth tell an important environmental story.environmental issuesDemocrats believe that Earth Day is a special day for them to demagogue and politicize environmental issues.House Speaker Newt Gingrich is trying to sober up his party on environmental issues.Includes comment on the incorporation of affordable housing, but focuses on design and environmental issues.Recently, more and more of us have become concerned about environmental issues.The Group linked third world debt and more favourable trade agreements to environmental issues.There was an even more dramatic pattern on environmental issues.Also discussed are some of the environmental issues associated with the manufacture and use of colour.As usually happens with environmental issues, reality was simply ignored or suspended.