Word family noun entrance entrant entry verb enter
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishentranceen‧trance1 /ˈentrəns/ ●●● S3 W3 noun 1 [countable]ENTER a door, gate etc that you go through to enter a place OPP exitentrance to/of the main entrance to the schoolfront/back/side entrance the station entranceentrance hall/foyer/gate etc2 [countable usually singular]ENTER the act of entering a place or room, especially in a way that people notice Bridget made a dramatic entrance into the room.3 [uncountable]ENTER the right or ability to go into a placeentrance to Entrance to the museum is free. Reporters even managed to gain entrance to her hotel. How much is the entrance fee (=money you pay to get in somewhere)?4 [uncountable]JOIN AN ORGANIZATION permission to become a member of or become involved in a profession, university, society etc the initial interview for entrance to the Civil Service entrance examinations5 [countable] when a person, country, organization etc first becomes involved in a particular area of activityentrance into The referendum blocked Switzerland’s entrance into the European Economic Area.6 make your/an entranceCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + entrancethe main entranceShe found a parking space close to the hospital's main entrance.the front/back/rear/side entranceThere is a long drive with steps leading to the front entrance.a narrow entranceI could see part of the yard through the narrow entrance.a wide entranceThere was a wide entrance at the front of the building.the hotel/hospital/museum etc entranceOur taxi pulled up outside the hotel entrance.the harbour entrance British English, the harbor entrance American EnglishWe watched as the ferry approached the harbour entrance.the tunnel entranceAt high tide, the tunnel entrance is totally submerged.verbscome/go/pass etc through an entrancePeople passed in single file through the narrow entrance.use an entranceIt's quicker to use the side entrance.block an entranceA large stone blocked the entrance to the tomb.entrance + NOUNan entrance hall (=a room at the entrance to a building)He walked through the front door into the entrance hall.an entrance lobby/foyer (=an area at the entrance to a large building)There was no sign of her in the entrance foyer.an entrance gate/doorSoldiers were guarding the entrance gate.
Examples from the Corpus
entranceThe price includes most meals and entrance fees to museums.college entrance examinationsIt turns toward an expressway entrance only a few blocks away.Kragan turned right outside the hotel entrance and walked towards the Rue de Rivoli.The sole unit, quiet, with a separate outside entrance, sleeps four to five and has a kitchen.Davis used a side entrance to avoid the waiting reporters.It makes my superfluous entrances and exits possible, that would have been difficult or undreamt-of, otherwise.The erasure, then, is more or less the same procedure as the entrance.You waited at the entrance to Terminal One, saw me arrive in a taxi.Their conversation was interrupted by the entrance of four visitors.It took us ages to find the entrance to the park.There were the usual grumbles, but they faded instantly as the ambulance backed up to the entrance, doors already opening.entrance to/ofThe travellers had already been thwarted by Gloucestershire police, who blocked entrances to a site in the Forest of Dean.This prime site is adjacent to the dual carriageway at the main entrance to the port.Meet us at the main entrance to the school.She herself would use the back staircase as the entrance to her flat, approaching it from the courtyard.Two unarmed security guards in faded blue uniforms stand erect at the entrance to Montclair Prep in Van Nuys.They converted the entrance of the Houston Medical Center into a tree-lined boulevard.Bales of hay and tyres were set alight, damaging the entrance of one office.made ... entranceFielding and the Autocrat made their different entrances.At once regal and streetwise, Erykah Badu made quite an entrance at the Bayou here a few weeks ago.Characters made their entrances from the two lifts and swept down the stairs to their appointed places.By the time Johnson made his second-half entrance with 7: 05 left, it was 67-47.The Browns started to browse along the wall, and, in ones and twos, other parents made their entrances.She did look beautiful as she made her entrance down the main staircase.Into this friendship, Margaret Cairns White made her entrance.gain entranceBut there are the keys, without which the adventurers can not gain entrance to vital areas of the Castle.About fifty people attempted to gain entrance, but were held back by the police.She will gain entrance to the text through a consideration of how articles of clothing function for women and for men.entrance examinationsHe claimed to have taken entrance examinations for Stevens, but no records remain.Having passed the entrance examinations he joined as an Aircraft Apprentice at Halton in August 1928.Voice over Professors flew in especially from Prague to supervise the entrance examinations and emphasise the benefits of studying in their country.
entranceen‧trance2 /ɪnˈtrɑːns $ -ˈtræns/ verb [transitive] literary ATTENTIONif you are entranced by someone or something, you give them all your attention because they are so beautiful, interesting etc I was entranced by the sweetness of her voice.Grammar Entrance is usually passive.entranced adjective She stopped, entranced.entrancing adjective entrancing stories→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
entranceI was entranced by her sheer beauty.He was immediately entranced by her voice and built a band called Ton Ton Macoute around her.You know I did, I was entranced by them the other day.Jockey shorts on sale in outdoor bins on Broadway entrance him.Her icy, delicate beauty entranced Kay.
Origin entrance1 (1400-1500) Old French entrer; ENTER entrance2 (1500-1600) trance