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enterpriseen‧ter‧prise /ˈentəpraɪz $ -tər-/ ●●○ W3 noun 1 [countable]BB a company, organization, or business commercial enterprises such as banks and food manufacturersstate/public enterprise especially British English (=one owned by the government)2 [uncountable]BBC the activity of starting and running businesses the management of state enterprise (=done by the government) free enterprise, private enterprise3 [countable]JOB/WORK a large and complicated project, especially one that is done with a group of other people SYN initiative The programme is a joint enterprise with the London Business School.4 [uncountable]IDEA the ability to think of new activities or ideas and make them work We’re looking for young people with enterprise and creativity.COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + enterprisea large/large-scale enterpriseThe company has grown into a large-scale enterprise that employs hundreds of people.a small/small-scale enterpriseThe tax will affect owners of small-scale enterprises consisting of up to ten people.a successful enterpriseShe is the owner of an extremely successful enterprise.a commercial/business enterpriseIf you are setting up your own business enterprise, your bank can help.an economic enterprise (=one that is intended to make money)It's an economic enterprise, not a charity.a state/state-owned enterprise (also a public enterprise British English) (=one owned by the government)New Zealand Rail is a state-owned enterprise.enterprise + NOUNan enterprise zone (=an area created by the government to attract businesses)Many firms relocate to enterprise zones because of tax incentives.an enterprise economy (=an economic system in which there are many private businesses)An enterprise economy can generate wealth and reduce unemployment.
Examples from the Corpus
enterpriseThe best solution was found to differ from area to area and enterprise to enterprise.The government was to issue vouchers to every citizen to enable them to buy shares in factories and enterprises.He is the CEO of a multimillion-dollar enterprise.He was an outstanding veterinary surgeon, and obviously a man of enormous enterprise, daring courage and strong will.In that regard free enterprise has proven the most compassionate system in the history of the world.She's a woman of great enterprise and creativity.The main characteristics of capitalism are private ownership of capital and freedom of enterprise.The U.S. and Russia are working together on a new scientific enterprise.And shaky enterprises have always wanted to borrow money.This enterprise has so far fallen far short of its targets, but it remains a high priority.commercial enterprisesFew people notice or perhaps care when such inspections are directed at commercial enterprises.It should be noted, too, that most of the experimental schemes have not included commercial enterprises.These scientists commonly see themselves as on the side of the public, perhaps against state agencies or commercial enterprises.state enterpriseOnly 70 state enterprises exceeded their planned profit target in the year.After spending 17 years in Congress hurling broadsides at foreign creditors and defending state enterprises, Mr Franco has changed course.This would be achieved through cuts in the civil service, the freezing of public-sector wages and the privatization of state enterprises.The holding company form has been used to provide a buffer between the state enterprises themselves and political direction by the state.The use of state posts as a source of patronage and control was reflected in the hypertrophy of the state enterprise bureaucracy.As with sovereign governments many of these state enterprises will not directly earn foreign exchange.Under the program, the government sold shares to citizens for a nominal fee to quickly transform state enterprises into private companies.joint enterpriseThe maintenance of territorial integrity has become a joint enterprise.The lawyer said the defendants were all involved in a joint enterprise to plant a booby-trap device under the car.Nor do all who participate in a joint enterprise agree to its occurrence.They feel that they can band together with others in a kind of joint enterprise to beat the disease.
From King Business Dictionaryenterpriseen‧ter‧prise /ˈentəpraɪz-ər-/ noun1[countable]ORGANIZATIONS a company or businessGood financial accounts are vital to any enterprise.The company started as a family enterprise.2[countable]COMMERCE a business activityThe two companies plan to establish an enterprise to provide computer services to the telecommunications industry.3[uncountable]ECONOMICS business activity considered as a whole, especially in relation to other parts of the economy, society etceconomic programmes between government and enterprise free enterprise private enterprise public enterprise4[uncountable]COMMERCE the ability to think of new activities and ideas and to take risks in business, especially by starting and running new businessesManagers seemed to lack enterprise and initiative.an enterprise culture (=an environment in which enterprise is encouraged)Origin enterprise (1400-1500) Old French entreprise, from entreprendre to undertake, from prendre to take