From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishensureen‧sure especially British English (also insure American English) /ɪnˈʃʊə $ -ˈʃʊr/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL verb [transitive] CERTAINLY/DEFINITELYto make certain that something will happen properly SYN make sure facilities to ensure the safety of cyclistsensure (that) The hospital tries to ensure that people are seen quickly.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say make sure rather than ensure:Please make sure all the windows are closed.Make sure is followed by a clause (with or without that), never a direct object: regulations to ensure their safety → regulations to make sure (that) they are safe→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
ensureFunds are urgently needed to ensure defence in the growing number of political trials and for needy families.But it had been enough to ensure him, at least pictorially, a vicarious immortality.She lost Lisa her job, she slept with her fella, ensuring more misery to come.However, tension arose between the need for decentralization in order to ensure more technical efficiency and political fears of too much independence.Anyone close to Laura could not fail to notice her ability to ensure reality remained in the next room.The mobility of officials ensured that a variety of view-points are available for all districts.Economic forces ensure that the same efficient allocation will happen in either case.The Problem Administrator will ensure that timely action is taken to resolve the problem.All the necessary steps had been taken to ensure their safety.ensure (that)We must ensure Brian Wilson's blank sheet of paper is full of good ideas before too long.Grid A systematic division of a page into areas to enable designers to ensure consistency.A: Some cooks say that basting does nothing to ensure moist meat; others swear by it.This sum includes the cost of ensuring our case is ably orchestrated by John Popham - an essential requirement!It must, therefore, ensure that it has the means within its membership to fulfil this inescapable obligation.Cloned mutated genes were fully sequenced to ensure that the only changes were those required.If necessary, coercion may be necessary to ensure that these issues are addressed.