Word family noun riches richness enrichment the rich adjective rich enriched verb enrich adverb richly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishenrichen‧rich /ɪnˈrɪtʃ/ ●○○ verb [transitive] 1 IMPROVEto improve the quality of something, especially by adding things to it Add fertilizer to enrich the soil. Education can greatly enrich your life.2 MONEYto make someone richer3 technical to increase the number of atoms in a nuclear fuel so that it produces more powerenrichment noun [uncountable] curriculum enrichmentenriched adjective enriched uranium→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
enrichBoth normal 16 O and enriched 16 O/ 18 O samples were used.The bottom five notes or so of the violins can be enriched by adding a bassoon or two in unison.Vent water is enriched in reduced chemical compounds, especially hydrogen sulfide.Fruit juices are added to cheap port wine to enrich its color and flavor.Most people agree that immigrant communities enrich our culture.The fine arts, including those with public support, can certainly enrich our society.The goal of the course is to enrich our understanding of other cultures.We believe in investing in scientific research because it enriches the quality of our lives and provides the feedstock of industrial innovation.Each of the other roles is more productive: The traveller is a stranger whose curiosity can enrich the sense of community.People who have fame and money usually search for something else to enrich their lives.As little as 55 pounds of highly enriched uranium or 18 pounds of plutonium could be used to build a nuclear device.In this way courses are enriched with case studies and presentations from experts working in relevant fields.enrich ... lifeWe turn to wild nature for new crops and new drugs, as well as for the beauty that enriches our lives.