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ldoce_084_aengravingen‧grav‧ing /ɪnˈɡreɪvɪŋ/ noun 1 [countable]AVD a picture made by cutting a design into metal, putting ink on the metal, and then printing it2 [uncountable]AVD the skill of engraving things
Examples from the Corpus
engravingHe ignored both the display cases and the safe which was concealed behind a framed eighteenth-century engraving of the City of London.A figure moved slowly through the uncertain light towards him, as faceless and monumental as Death in an old engraving.Pech-Merle also contains some of the relatively rare engravings of human female forms.Crocker's engraving was published on l June 1802; five days later, aged 52, Charles the Cheesemonger died.Queequeg sees engravings on the coin which remind him of the tattoos on his body.A plethora of books of topographical views at home and abroad used steel engravings, many of them of poor quality.I came one day on a folder full of tinted engravings.The first of these was wood engraving, done on the end-grain of boxwood with a burin rather than a knife.