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ldoce_084_aengraveen‧grave /ɪnˈɡreɪv/ verb [transitive] 1 AVDto cut words or designs on metal, wood, glass etcengrave something on something Their names are engraved on a stone tablet.engrave something with something a pendant engraved with a simple design2 be engraved in/on your memory/mind/heartengraver noun [countable]
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Examples from the Corpus
engraveThe heavy pressure of the pen made each line appear engraved.It's an address engraved in my brain.Wood engraving is an old process: Many newspaper and magazine illustrations from the previous century were reproduced through the process.A heavy block of lead backing the engraved logo of a column I wrote regularly, decades ago at another newspaper.The 50 names are engraved on three granite tablets.The words could be engraved over the entrance to the Pentagon today.It had no numbers engraved upon it, only bare lines.When engraving was developed or etching was developed, engraving sort of, a lot of people lost interest in engraving.engrave something on somethingThe names of soldiers who were killed are engraved on two marble walls.
Origin engrave (1500-1600) grave to cut ((11-21 centuries)), from Old English grafan