From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishengineeren‧gi‧neer1 /ˌendʒəˈnɪə $ -ˈnɪr/ ●●● S3 W3 noun [countable] 1 BOTEsomeone whose job is to design or build roads, bridges, machines etcmechanical/electrical/software etc engineer He trained as a civil engineer (=one who designs and builds roads, bridges etc).2 BOTTsomeone whose job is to take care of the engines on a ship or aircraft3 British EnglishBOTE someone whose job is to repair electrical equipment or machinesservice/maintenance engineer4 American EnglishBOTT someone whose job is driving a train
Examples from the Corpus
engineera civil engineera flight engineerI became 110 Women in Engineering an electrical engineer, by the way, because I was terrified of machines.Hewlett-Packard asks customers to make presentations describing their needs to its engineers.They made a point of recruiting fledgling Latino engineers into the organization.Mercedes-Benz's proud engineers also loathe being lumped in with companies making everything from washing machines to weapons.As a recording engineer for the Beach Boys and other bands, Stephen Desper experimented with all sorts of sound technology.Among our sample were six engineers who, with differing motives, had been mature entrants to the profession.a software engineerWithout the models, the engineers had difficulty communicating at all.He says the engineers were unable to explain why the cars were so slow.mechanical/electrical/software etc engineerI became 110 Women in Engineering an electrical engineer, by the way, because I was terrified of machines.Her husband was an electrical engineer who wanted only to be a poet.The variety of careers for mechanical engineers is enormous.Wagner set his sights on a degree in electrical engineering, and he followed his star with a fervid intensity.But to engineers - particularly mechanical engineers - patent law is something to be aware of.Derek Morrison, the present Electrical Engineer, is second from the right. 3.Jerome Coonen, one of the software engineers, spoke for the entire team.service/maintenance engineerSuch systems offer scope to allow aircraft maintenance engineers to transfer between aircraft types more easily.Computer service engineer - installing and maintaining computer systems and carrying out repairs when breakdowns occur.Access to Gas Services Installation Short cut course to gas services engineering for central heating and related areas.In addition, there was one passenger on board, a ground service engineer who was to supervise ground handling at transit stops.In the far more complex factory environment the skilled maintenance engineer is likely to have a role for some considerable time yet.In 1989, he was promoted to project engineer, and, in 1995, he was promoted to technical services engineer.Consider for example the maintenance engineer operating as a diagnostician.Sometimes the maintenance engineer is dealing with a type of failure he has never had before.
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engineerengineer2 verb [transitive] 1 PLANto make something happen by skilful secret planning powerful enemies who engineered his downfall Perhaps she could engineer a meeting between them?2 to change the genetic structure of a plant, animal etc SYN genetically modify the dangers of engineering native plants genetically engineered crops3 technicalTE to design and plan the building of roads, bridges, machines, etc The car is engineered to drive smoothly at high speeds.Grammar Engineer is often passive in this meaning.
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Examples from the Corpus
engineerBefore they could engineer an escape, they had to be sure that none of the guards were suspicious.The socialist party secretly engineered the defeat of the government.Sakakida engineered the escape of nearly 500 prisoners of war.This computer has been specially engineered to run the latest operating systems.genetically engineeredPersonally I want genetically engineered foods and anything containing genetically engineered food ingredients banned.The concern comes after a reported increase in deaths of diabetic patients, most relying on genetically engineered human insulin.GEMs are genetically engineered micro-organisms and finding them again could prove vital.Once released, genetically engineered organisms become part of our ecosystem.Secondly, there is a need to determine how genetically engineered organisms will react when released into the environment.If insects learned to adapt to genetically engineered plants, the result could be widespread crop failure and famine, critics warn.If the product is approved, genetically engineered tomatoes could be on the supermarket shelves by 1993.One of the first commercial products to derive from this biotechnology is likely to be genetically engineered tomatoes.
From King Business Dictionaryengineeren‧gi‧neer1 /ˌendʒəˈnɪə-ˈnɪr/ noun [countable]JOB1someone who designs the way roads, bridges, machines, electrical equipment etc are builtHe is an engineer with an oil company. product engineer project engineer sales engineer2chemical/civil/electrical etc engineer one who works in chemical etc engineeringsoftware engineers and computer scientistsengineerengineer2 verb [transitive]1to arrange something by clever, careful, and often secret, planningNobody knew who had engineered the minister’s downfall.2to design and plan the construction of roads, machines, software etcOur company engineers machine parts for the automobile industry.→ See Verb table